April 16, 2012
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Chad Mackay
By Matty Kaplan

From the moment Chad Mackay registered for the 2009 Australian Regionals, CrossFit became his sport. 

Chad Mackay received his best coaching tip in the form of a simple question:

“How much are you willing to hurt?” For those that have seen him in competition, it is evident he is willing to hurt a whole lot.

The success

From the moment he registered for the 2009 Australian Regionals, CrossFit became his sport. With an 11th place finish, a fire was ignited and from that point on, Chad became a dominant force within the Australian CrossFit scene.

The following year, after a 2nd place finish in the New South Wales Sectionals and comfortably qualifying for the 2010 Australian Regionals, the full breadth of Mackay’s dedication and heart was on display for all to see. Having been sick with a gastro bug all competition long, at times even vomiting mid-workout, he still remained focused on his end goal: to qualify for the CrossFit Games. 

Mackay’s insatiable desire to win triumphed over his physical ailments and a ticket to the CrossFit Games rewarded his efforts.  It is this heart that perfectly characterizes what many in the community strive & stand for.

Mackay is a competitor and was not willing to settle with just participatory honors at the CrossFit Games. Arriving at the Home Depot Center with that same hunger he brings to every competition and wanting to “satisfy the pressures that come from a voice within,” he went to work at the CrossFit Games. He was pitted against the best in the world and came away the 12th fittest man on Earth.

The injury

Mackay approached the 2011 Games season with that familiar hunger. He proceeded to stamp his authority even more firmly on the Australian CrossFit community by crushing the Open. Going into the Australian Regional that year, he was ranked top three in the region.

However, it quickly became apparent during training that something was wrong.  He wanted to work on his running and did so religiously. He is the first to admit that moving his 100 kg frame long distances began to affect his body, and after many scans, appointments and opinions, was told he had a form of osteitis pubis with stress fractures near the adductors. 

Unfortunately, this injury prevented Mackay from competing in the 2011 Regional and many were left wondering how he would have faired had he been unimpeded.  After an invasive adductor tendinopathy surgery and many months of rest, Mackay began the long road back to the CrossFit Games.

​The recovery

Now, Chad Mackay is back, bigger and better than ever, and has continued his competition success with a 5th place finish in the 2012 Open. With his injury woes behind him, there is no limitation to how far Mackay can go from here and no reason for him to dilute the dream of another Games berth. Mackay will be firing on all cylinders come Regionals and no doubt be ready to once again lay it all on the line.