March 5, 2012
Grant Goes All Out
By Jessica Sieff

"Have fun. Enjoyment is really what it's all about."

With 12.1 in the books and off the shelves, Central East glory belongs to Jolene Grant.

"I was shocked," Grant says, after scores were done posting Sunday evening.

Grant's name rose to the top of the Leaderboard with 136 burpees in seven minutes. Days before 12.2 was announced, the 28-year-old out of CrossFit SEO in Athens, Ohio says, “I’m just warming up.”

For many, the first workout of the Open may not have been enjoyable, but clearly it was doable. However, like many other athletes, Grant expects her biggest challenge to be something more than burpees.

"I'm so short that burpees are an easier movement for me," she says.

At just 5 feet, Grant knows "there's a lot to come," including the possibility of heavy weight, which she says will be the difference between her time in the spotlight or not.

Open Workout Approach

When Open wokrouts are announced, Grant might work through the movements in some form, but she makes it a point not to overdo it before going all out. She performs the workouts once leaving her primed with the thought of, “one shot.”

Grant also follows the advice she gives her athletes at CrossFit SEO by taking Fridays off before tackling the workouts on Saturdays.

Grant’s Advice on the Open:

Have fun. “Enjoyment is what this is really all about.”

Recruit. “The more it feels like Regionals or California, the better we all do. This increase in competition due to CrossFit's growing popularity only adds to the sport. We can take advantage of that, while helping others.”

Find a coach. As Grant focuses on the Open, she also says she is finally looking for a coach, ideally someone who will be objective where she is not. Something she says she's needed for a long time.

Over the next four weeks Grant will demonstrate her ability to maintain her Central East lead. She is confident enough in her abilities. When asked if there was any movement she wanted to avoid she says, "Oh no. I want it all."

Grant is now in 32nd place in the Central East Region after completing Workout 12.2.