June 6, 2013
The Good Things: CrossFit Calgary
By Quin McConnell

"Perform our best, learn from it and then share it."


Photos by Aly Jansen

The CrossFit Calgary team is ecstatic to be heading to the 2013 Canada West Regional. 

This year, veteran individual competitor Chelsea Miller will be joining the CFC Crew as they fight to earn one of two trips to the Games.
Miller explains why she decided to make the switch: 
“I am approaching Regionals a bit differently from last year in that I have decided to go team,” she says. “I have always said that I would go team for a year if I felt like we had the right combination of people. I think that we have that this year and could be a very competitive team.”
It may seem a bold statement, but the team’s coach, Brett Marshall, is also confident in their roster for 2013.
A motley group consisting of a student, three firefighters, coaches, a nurse and a tattoo artist forms a team that Marshall chose based on a broad, general and inclusive fitness spectrum. 
Marshall’s approach to the Open and for Regionals is nothing new.
“I program our workouts with constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains and incorporate regular CrossFit benchmarks,” he says. “I had our entire gym do a progressive load snatch WOD the Monday before the release of 13.1.” 
Marshall says he’s stoked on the fact that the CFC Crew has had extra time to prepare for this year’s Regional. 
“Having the extra time to prepare is a significant advantage, in my opinion,” he says. “Now, I do not mean that it is an advantage relative to our competitors because they have the same time to prepare as us, but the teams with the most experience should have the greatest opportunity to take advantage of this knowledge and time.”
This extra time means they can focus on finessing transitions, establishing athlete order and how each team member will be used.  
Marshall says getting to participate in a Regional event is a life-changing experience, no matter what the result. His ultimate goal for the team is the same it’s always been.
“Perform our best, learn from it and then share it,” he says. “I guess the truly good things in life are just that, truly good things."