February 7, 2012
Fun Time is Over for Lisa Thiel
By Karen Feiner


One of Lisa Thiel’s mottos is, “Live as if everything you do will eventually be known.” If you don’t know Lisa Thiel by now, you haven’t been paying attention. Coming in 3rd in a region known for its tough women and coming from CrossFit Central, the box that swept the podium at last year’s South Central Regional, anonymity is out. 

As a past marathoner and triathlete, Thiel is already running past Regionals and aiming for the 2012 Games. Not satisfied with her performance in 2011, she’s setting out to do her best in 2012. 
“I went to the Games in 2011 with the attitude of ‘have fun and experience it all.’ Often, the most memorable days/times are forgotten: your wedding, graduation, etc., because you're focused on details/stress/task at hand, rather than the experience of the day,” Thiel says. “I got what I went for in 2011—a great experience and lots of enjoyment. However, that is not the way to get my best performance. For 2012 what will I do? Easy, change my attitude. You get what you plan for.” 
While Thiel might think she needs to change her attitude, her lifestyle doesn’t seem to need much of an alteration. Her diet is “90 percent Paleo. I enjoy life, food, but for the most part don’t do ‘cheat’ meals or days. I just feel better when I eat clean,” she explains. “I do love sweets though, in the form of wine and ice cream.”
As far as weaknesses go, some are more delicious than others and much less fun to confront. “I have a coach that I meet with two times a week to focus on gymnastics, Oly lifts, and the ‘mind game.’ I also have some of the most competitive, talented athletes in the region to train with: Jessica Sharratt, Carey Kepler, Whitney Welsch.” 
Thiel says working out with these other strong female competitors is, “like having the first four-minute miler around you all the time … pushes you to be better and better. Seriously, no jealous, unhealthy competition with these girls.”
Regarding the powerful women of CrossFit Central, Thiel says the lay of the land has changed. “We only have two ladies and one fella competing as individuals this season, so another sweep is impossible. Last year was a pretty magical experience. Ingrid [Kantola] and I are competing as individuals. Lindsey [Smith] moved to Columbus, Ohio and will be in that region,” she says. “Carey [Kepler] is going team. Our other strong former Games gals, Jess Sharratt and Crystal Nelson, are going team.” 
So this year, while individual competitors might be scarce, Thiel won’t be pulling any punches. “You can make anything as hard or as easy as you choose. At the end of the day, CrossFit is play. You make time for what is a priority.”
Lisa Thiel’s priorities are very clear—this time around “fun” might be coming in 2nd place. 
CrossFit Stats
Fran: 3:04
Jackie: 7:11
Filthy 50: 21:04
Fight Gone Bad: 338
Helen: 8:19
Grace: 2:34
Annie: 7:02
400 m run: 64 seconds
800 m run: 2:37
Max Clean and Jerk: 185 pounds
Max Snatch: 145 pounds
Max consecutive pull-ups: 32 
Max Back Squat: 255 pounds
Max Front Squat: 210 pounds
Max Deadlift: 335 pounds
Max Overhead Squat: 185 pounds