March 16, 2012
Focused: Reebok CrossFit Asia
By Jamie Light

Reebok CrossFit Asia is looking go back to the CrossFit Games in 2012.

Reebok CrossFit Asia returns with a mix of rookies and veterans to its roster for the 2012 Games season. 

Hoping to improve in Asia and the world after last year, the team changed up the training regimen and has worked hard to improve on the weaknesses that caused them to bow out of the 2011 season after Regionals.  “We had a great start to the year, unfortunately several of our athletes have spent a good amount of time on the sidelines with minor, but debilitating injuries,” says Jamie Light, owner and coach. “I myself spent about a month total out with a back strain and am just getting over a stomach flu with the Open starting.

“Auste Rayome, a newcomer to the team, was out 12 weeks with a broken hand. Darin Hardy, one of the team’s veterans, was out for the last four weeks with a chest pull, but for the most part, we are now healthy and looking to get our legs back under us during the Open.”

Light says the team is focused on the Affiliate Cup this year, while just a few athletes will make a run at the individual competition. “We definitely have a lot more depth, while last year we were operating with a skeleton crew, and really spread ourselves thin with so many of our athletes playing individually,” he explains. “This year we have plenty of options as we head toward Regionals, but are definitely not overlooking the Open as Asia has quadrupled in numbers since last year. “