February 26, 2013
A Fixed Base: Jason Cain
By Kate Rose

"As a smaller athlete, I need perfect technique in order to keep up with the monsters."

After a year of upheaval — moving from Canada East to Canada West and opening CrossFit 306 — Jason Cain finished 33rd at the 2012 Canada West Regional. In 2011, Cain won the Canada East Regional and finished 38th at the Games.

“I’ve stayed true to my programming and have experienced incredible improvements over the last eight months — especially in the lifts,” Cain says.

Focusing on mechanics, Cain is confident he can manage the heavier weights he is expecting at Regionals.

“As a smaller athlete, I need perfect technique in order to keep up with the monsters,” he says.

Balancing the needs of his affiliate and his own training has been difficult. But Cain and his wife, Rebecca Winterhalt, have found a system that works.

“Running the box has been incredibly demanding,” he says. “However, my wife and I have allocated two, two-hour time slots to train everyday. This helps keep our sanity.”

Cain is looking forward to the 2013 season and has his athletes in mind as he prepares. His affiliate has a competitive focus and he's looking forward to his athletes competing.

Athletes at Reebok CrossFit 306 are encouraged to participate not only in daily workouts, but a number of other events.

“On top of WODs, most of our athletes competing in the Open will also be participating in various lifting and (local) competitions on the lead up to the Open,” Cain says.

Aside from his goals for his performance, Cain hopes to have as many athletes as he can from his affiliate reaching their highest potential in 2013.