The Final Stretch: 2024 CrossFit Open Week 3 Recap

March 20, 2024

Kelley Laxton

Take a look at the 24.3 and Golden Barbell Award winners and a few highlights from the week.

The 2024 CrossFit Open has come to a close. Whether you qualified for the Quarterfinals, PR’d a workout, or joined the Open for the first time, this is a challenge worth celebrating. 

During the final week of the Open, athletes had one last chance to jump up the leaderboard if they hoped to continue to the Quarterfinals. For others, it was a week to just hold on for the final stretch.

Open Workout 24.3 tested athletes with higher-skilled movements, the chest-to-bar pull-up and the bar muscle-up, and this was a week filled with firsts.

Take a look at the 24.3 and Golden Barbell Award winners and a few highlights from Week 3 of the 2024 CrossFit Open. 


24.3 Winners by Division


Division Winner Score
Individual Men Jonne Koski 8:03
Individual Women Rebecca Fuselier 7:52
Men 35-39 Ivan Verdun 8:42
Women 35-39 Carmen Perez Ruiz 9:18
Men 40-44 Michael Laverriere 10:24
Women 40-44 Giulia Roggio 10:02
Men 45-49 Robby McCord 10:56
Women 45-49 Deanna Posey 11:26
Men 50-54 Jose Mendez 11:27
Women 50-54 Luciane Macias 13:34
Men 55-59 Shannon McKibben 8:18
Women 55-59 Francoise Mahier 8:42
Men 60-64 Mike Fry 8:51
Women 60-64 Kathleen Nelson 7:29
Men 65+ Freddie Cherry 12:56
Women 65+ Viera Kelčiková 8:53
Boys 16-17 RJ Mestre 9:48
Girls 16-17 Lucy McGonigle 9:54
Boys 14-15 Pablo Tronchon 9:34
Girls 14-15 Letricia Cerqueira 9:40


Adaptive Open 24.3 Winners by Division


Division Winner Score
Men: 1 Point - Upper Impairment Victor Hugo Assaf 5:13
Women: 1 Point - Upper Impairment Genny Tidwell 8:29
Men: 2 Point - Upper Impairment Casey Acree 10:22
Women: 2 Point - Upper Impairment Mia Van Rensburg 12:27
Men: Minor Lower - Lower Impairment Elliot Young CAP + 163
Women: Minor Lower - Lower Impairment Valerie Cohen 14:00
Men: Above Knee - Lower Impairment Derek Weida 10:01
Women: Above Knee - Lower Impairment Lauren Farhat CAP + 165
Men: Below Knee - Lower Impairment Rogan Dean 12:40
Women: Below Knee - Lower Impairment Jessica Cox CAP + 116
Men: Major - Neuromuscular Impairment Russel Allmandinger 7:49
Women: Major - Neuromuscular Impairment Jules King 8:39
Men: Moderate - Neuromuscular Impairment Kevin Maijer 12:38
Women: Moderate - Neuromuscular Impairment Krista Davidson 12:45
Men: Minor - Neuromuscular Impairment Benjamin Fallon CAP + 145
Women: Minor - Neuromuscular Impairment Nicole Avamides CAP + 152
Men: Vision Impairment Glenn Beyers 11:09
Women: Vision Impairment Erica James CAP + 152
Men: Short Stature Juan Serrano Torres 8:28
Women: Short Stature Cruesa Angelica 8:27
Men: Seated 1 - Without Hip Function Paul Crouch 9:30
Women: Seated 1 - Without Hip Function Andrea Wilson 8:38
Men: Seated 2 - With Hip Function Tom Miazga 6:22
Women: Seated 2 - With Hip Function Amalia Ortuño Lizano 7:16
Men: Seated 3 - QUAD Angelo Pendergrast 4:05
Women: Seated 3 - QUAD Sophie Wilson 6:02
Men: Standing Diagnosed Brett Horchar 14:45
Women: Standing Diagnosed Katie Bures CAP + 154
Men: Intellectual Disability Lance King 3:57
Women: Intellectual Disability Julia Lane 5:20


Week 3 Highlights

Rebecca Fuselier Takes First World Record

Rebecca Fuselier — well known for her fight up the Capitol at the 2022 CrossFit Games — clocked her first worldwide Open workout win in 24.3 with a score of 7:52. Fuselier had the fastest time out of all individual men and women, and was the only athlete to finish in sub-8 minutes.


Sam Constantin Overcomes Skydiving Accident Through CrossFit

Sam Constantin of the adaptive Seated Without Hip Function division was paralyzed from the waist down after a skydiving accident just six months ago. He had a dream of becoming a skydiving instructor, but after his accident, his new goal was to qualify for the Adaptive CrossFit Games. Constantin finished the Adaptive Open in 15th place, which qualifies him for the next stage, the Semifinals. 



14-Year-Old Keira McManus Takes Gold in First Open

Girls 14-15 division winner Keira McManus participated in her first CrossFit Open this year at the age of 14. She started the Open with a first-place finish in 24.1 and took second in 24.2. Although this is McManus’ first taste of CrossFit Games season competition, she isn’t new to the competition floor. McManus has been competing in CrossFit since she was 11 years old. Her first competition was at The Castle Games in 2021, and her team took first place. 


A post shared by Keira (@keira_mcmanus_owen_)


High School Teacher Turned Coach

Retired high school P.E. and welding teacher Calvin Cherrington took home gold in the men’s 65+ division. Upon retirement, the 67-year-old took his love for teaching to CrossFit and is now a CrossFit affiliate owner and coach at Stand Firm CrossFit. Cherrington’s best finish was first place in Open Workout 24.2. 


Open Workout 24.3 Analysis by Jonathan Kinnick of btwb

The third and final week of the 2024 CrossFit Open featured a 5-round couplet of thrusters and chest-to-bar pull-ups, followed by 1 minute of rest and 5 rounds of heavier thrusters and bar muscle-ups. Similar to 24.1, this workout also had an aggressive 15-minute time cap.

Unlike the first two workouts, 24.3 had a few more advanced pieces that acted as separators for athletes.

Highlights for this week include the 22,000 women and 71,000 men who got at least one bar muscle-up. In addition, an impressive 50,000 women and 103,000 men performed 40 or more chest-to-bar pull-ups within the 15-minute time cap.



Golden Barbell Award Winners

Week 3 Open Announcement Winner: Jay Crouch

Australian Jay Crouch has won the final Rogue Golden Barbell of the 2024 CrossFit Open!

Competing in his 11th Open and first live announcement, Crouch took on rounds of thrusters, chest-to-bar pull-ups, and bar muscle-ups alongside fellow Games athletes Arielle Loewen, Roman Khrennikov, and Sydney Wells in Open Workout 24.3, and posted the fastest time in the workout — 9:14.60.

Crouch is a six-time Games athlete, two-time Oceania Semifinal winner, and placed eighth overall at the 2023 CrossFit Games.

Jay Crouch holding the Golden Barbell at the Live Announcement of 24.3


Week 3 Community Winner: Lex Esposito

Congratulations to Lex Esposito — winner of the Golden Barbell Award for her standout performance in the 2024 CrossFit Open!

Esposito missed the time cap in Open Workout 24.1 by 16 reps, but she knew she had more in the tank. After redoing it, she finished in 14:39 — an Rx’d score she wouldn’t have been able to achieve just one year ago.

“It was the hardest fought, hardest won Rx finish that CrossFit SPRC has seen in the 2024 CrossFit Open. Her performance left tears in the eyes of the coaches and members who watched her workout.

“In one year, our Coach Lex picked herself up by her bootstraps, lost 100lbs, earned her CF-L2, and then pushed an open workout RX to finish; something that would have been impossible the year before. She is the definition of discipline, tenacity, grit, and leaning into the hard shit. She is an inspiration to our members and fellow coaches. She deserves to be recognized not only for redoing and crushing 24.1, but what it took to get there.”

Lex Esposito


Next Up, Quarterfinals

The second round of competition on the road to the 2024 CrossFit Games is the Quarterfinals. New this year, the top 25% of individuals, the top 25% of age-group athletes in each division, and the top 25% of teams per region from the Open will be invited to compete in the Quarterfinals. 

You can find the cutline tables on the Quarterfinals overview page.

Quarterfinals will begin with the teams on April 3, 2024. 



Cover photo by Ruby Wolff