March 13, 2013
Equipment Doesn't Make the Athlete: Tyson Takasaki
By Quin Siah

"Tyson brings intensity and passion for the sport that spreads to all of our athletes."

Photos courtesy of CrossFit 204.

Tyson Takasaki is no stranger to disappointment. 

In 2011, Takasaki was living in Victoria, British Columbia, where he was a member of CrossFit Taranis. That year, he went to the Canada West Regional as an individual, but failed to qualify for the Games.
He was one point short of a ticket to Carson, Calif.
“That experience was everything,” he says. “CrossFit was still relatively new to me, so it was sort of a shocker how that whole weekend went down. Being so close yet coming home empty handed.”
Takasaki indulged in a “brief pity party,” but quickly rebounded when he was asked to be part of Team Taranis. The team placed third at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games.
He's been trying to earn the right to return to the Games ever since.

Takasaki competed as an unaffiliated individual athlete in 2012. He trained on the University of Manitoba’s campus under less-than-ideal circumstances, often at 11 p.m., with a pull-up rig that was constructed out of an old barbell; and a mishmash of imperial and metric plates.

“It was a massive change. Not only was equipment a huge issue with training in the university facilities, you also miss that community aspect, as well as competition between friends,” he recalls. “The absence of this (equipment) during the majority of that training was a tough change, but equipment never makes an athlete. I believe the best will come out no matter what the obstacle.”

Then Takasaki met Mike Warkentin, owner of CrossFit 204, through local Winnipeg competitions. When Warkentin became aware of Takasaki's training environment, he invited the athlete to complete the 2012 Open Workouts at his gym.
Three months later, Takasaki was coaching at CrossFit 204. 
No longer a CrossFit orphan, Takasaki is grateful for his new home.

“I couldn’t be happier,” Takasaki says. “I have forged new relationships with the people here and enjoy every minute of it.”
Warkentin is also excited to have Takasaki aboard. 

“Tyson brings intensity and passion for the sport that spreads to all of our athletes,” Warkentin says. “He never offers excuses or accepts anything less than his best effort. He’s a humble leader and a role model. We are honored to have him as a part of our community.”
Takasaki is a humble force to be reckoned with and says he feels more prepared, both mentally and physically than ever before.
“I feel I have been honest in my training and paid attention to the things that potentially could hold me back,” he says. “I am ready for what will be thrown at me and can’t wait for the chance to step on the floor and prove what I can do.”
Takasaki’s goal for the 2013 Open is to stay consistent with his training and give each Open Workout hell. He plans to attempt each workout only once so he can stay on schedule with his training.
His goal for the Canada West Regional is simple: “Win everything.”