Don't Forget Special Tiebreak for Open Workout 13.3

March 21, 2013


While judging Workout 13.3, don't forget to mark time for the special tiebreaker.

While Open Workout 13.3 is a repeat of 12.4, there is one major difference: the special tiebreak. 

Just like 13.1, athletes with the same number of reps will enter a special tiebreak to determine rank. When the athlete is through with each set of one movement, the judge must mark the elapsed time. 

For example, when an athlete has completed the 150 wall balls, time should be marked. When the athlete has completed 90 double-unders, time should be marked. And when and if an athlete completes the 30 muscle-ups, time should be marked.

This is very important for athletes, judges and Affiliate Managers to take note. 

Read more about the workout description, video submission standards, and movement standards on the Open Workouts page.