February 14, 2012
Denmark Is Ready for the Open
By Sarah Lindasdatter Troelsen Krarup and Ditte Jacobsen

The sport has been growing in popularity all across Europe. 

Frederik Aegidius


Anders Galaly

The Danes had a strong finish at the 2011 Europe Regional with Team Butcher’s Garage of Copenhagen, Denmark, besting Annie Thorisdottir’s box CrossFit BC Island by one point and claiming silver.  This year, the sport has been growing in popularity all across Europe and several athletes and teams are training to make a run up the Leaderboard. In this article, Sarah and Ditte give the low down on the competition in Denmark.

Six months have passed since our team, Team Butcher’s Garage, participated in the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup in Los Angeles, Calif. It was an amazing and unforgettable experience.

We were nearly joined by two other Danes, Anders Galaly and Frederik Ægidius. After taking 4th and 5th place, respectively, at the 2011 Europe Regional, the two men are both super hungry for a berth in the Games in 2012.

We've taken a look at the best CrossFit boxes in Denmark—there are a lot—and on how the boxes and athletes have been preparing.

Olympic Weightlifting

CrossFit boxes all over Denmark have taken Olympic weightlifting to heart. The focus on technique and explosive strength has never been bigger.

The Danish Weightlifting Federation and CrossFit Butcher’s Garage have arranged several joint CrossFit and weightlifting competitions for weightlifters and CrossFitters in Denmark that has resulted in a huge growth at the local weightlifting clubs. Lots of CrossFitters throughout Denmark are now training CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting, and more than a handful of CrossFitters are actually competing in weightlifting competitions at a high level in Denmark.

If the Open is loaded with heavy snatches and clean and jerks, expect to see some Danish vikings on the Leaderboard with some 100-plus kilo (220-pound) snatches from the men and around 60-plus kilo (132-pound) snatches from the women.

Local Competitions

CrossFit Butcher’s Garage has developed into a major center for competitions in Europe. The box has offered everything from CrossFit competitions to weightlifting and strongman events. The participation in the competitions shows off the breadth of the CrossFit competitor community. One upcoming competition is expected to have more than 200 participants from all over Europe.

CrossFit Butcher’s Garage athlete Frederik Ægidius has been traveling and training with Annie Thorisdottir the last six months and is ready for the Open.

Anders Galaly had an injury using straps in weightlifting, but is coming back even stronger than last year.

Team Training

The Danish CrossFitters love social events, and team-based training and competitions are becoming more and more popular. In 2011, several local competitions have added a team division and worked hard to program workouts that thoroughly involve all the members of the team.

Danish teams have also been traveling abroad and participating in events. This winter, for example, two teams from Butcher's Garage and Butcher's Lab traveled to Sweden for the SM (Swedish CrossFit Championships) and will soon represent Denmark at the London Throwdown.

Our gym has worked to make competition available to all members. All interested CrossFitters have had the chance to join a special competition team, and attend special training sessions for those interested in taking CrossFit to the next level.

This has, so far, resulted in two teams for the 2012 CrossFit Games season representing the Garage, and we’re excited to prove our fitness in the Open, and hopefully the 2012 Europe Regional in Copenhagen, as well.

Rising CrossFit Stars

Christoffer Korfitsen representing CrossFit Copenhagen has proved his fitness in various CrossFit competitions in Denmark and abroad, and Sara Ellgaard Andreasen training out of CrossFit OBBC in the City of Odense is just 18 years old and super tiny – yet a very complete athlete and strong as hell.

This weekend, Butcher's Garage hosted a classic CrossFit competition with participation from most boxes in Denmark, as well as some of our neighbors from Sweden. This was a good chance to see how the athletes are prepared for 2012.

Philip Bengtsson from CrossFit Malmö was very convincing and won multiple events, including Nasty Girls and 1 RM Clean Event.

Sebastian Klindt, a newcomer training at the Garage also showed impressive strength and great technical skills.

From Iceland, Katrín Tanja Davídsdóttir dominated the elite women’s division with both a strong clean and a fast “Fran” time.

Other Boxes

A lot of CrossFit boxes are setting some strong teams for the Open and hopefully Regionals. Expect to see some great results from Swedish box CrossFit Malmö, CrossFit Aalborg, CrossFit OBBC, CrossFit Denmark, CrossFit Butcher’s Lab, Butcher’s Garage – and some of the military CrossFit affiliates, as well.

One thing is certain, Denmark is ready for the Open!