February 14, 2013
Day by Day: Guido Trinidad
By Lauryn Lax

"I am so grateful I had that opportunity to be there. It made me realize just how few people in the world actually get that opportunity and how better I can still get."


For Games competitor Guido Trinidad, following the motto “day by day,” is how he’s able to stay focused on his 2013 training, running his affiliate, Peak 360 CrossFit in Miami and being a family man.

Trinidad, 34, wrote his own Cinderella story last year when he represented the South East at the Games after missing out three years in a row. He finally made it to the top three at the 2012 South East Regional and went on to earn 29th place at the Games.

“I am so grateful I had that opportunity to be there,” he says. “It made me realize just how few people in the world actually get that opportunity and how better I still can get.”

He adds: “It also made me realize I still had lots I could work on — work on this lift or get faster. There’s always something. If God gave me these athletic talents, and I’m healthy, then I want to do everything in my power and ability to get back there.”

After the Games, Trinidad returned home and started working on his weaknesses. Part of his game plan was finding a coach.

“I had met Coach Doug Katona right before the Games last year, and he gave me a few tips for improving some things like my endurance, which is definitely not my strong suit,” Trinidad says. “After the Games were over, he told me I would really need a full year’s worth of training with him, at least, in order to really see some improvements. So I trusted him. I realized I am a coach for hundreds of others, and even was for myself, but I think everyone can benefit from working with a coach.”

Prior to starting a formal training program with Katona, Trinidad did all of his own programming.

“I would generally do things when I felt like I needed them, and I started falling in the rut of doing too much of certain things that I liked,” he says. “But since working with a coach, he knows when I need to be pushed, when I need to relax, and also reinforces the importance of my warm-ups. My warm-ups are definitely a huge part of my training now.”

Trinidad’s new training regime is paying off. Over the past few months, he’s improved his snatch, front squat and endurance. He is also eating cleaner than he ever has.

“I’m not necessarily looking for PRs, though,” he explains. “Those will come. Right now, I am building my engine and increasing my work capacity, so when things like last year’s triathlon come my way, I am prepared.”

After finishing 43rd on the Pendleton 1 Event, he’s competed in a local triathlon and incorporated more long-distance running, biking and swimming into his training.

“It’s all about being prepared for the unknowable. I want to be bullet proof.”