March 23, 2013
Danielle Sidell's Score Removed
By CrossFit

Danielle Sidell submitted the top score on Workout 13.2. However, due to a failure to meet the standard, her score has been invalidated and she can no longer compete as an individual.

Danielle Sidell, an Army soldier in training at Fort Lee, and a member of NFT CrossFit in the Central East Region, submitted a score of 420 reps on Open Workout 13.2. Her performance was the top score in the world.

Sidell completed the workout on a military base, not an affiliate, so a video must be submitted for a valid workout. Since she performed the workout on base and in her Army workout uniform, the video required Army permission for public viewing.

The Army did not grant public viewing, but did permit CrossFit Games officials to view it privately. Sidell did complete 420 reps as she claimed, but the box jumps were not to the standard established for this competition. Instead of showing control with full extension on the top of the box, she was jumping back and getting full extension in the air. This has been acceptable in previous years' competitions, and is faster, but had been specifically disallowed for this event.

"There is no indication she was deliberately attempting to cheat, but she failed to show control on top of the box, which is the standard," says Justin Bergh, General Manager of the CrossFit Games.

Because this score has been rejected, Sidell does not have a valid entry for Workout 13.2. She is therefore ineligible to qualify for Regionals or the Games as an individual. 

The CrossFit Games Open is one of the largest participatory events in the world, and it is each athlete's responsibility to ensure all standards are met. Workout descriptions, standards and video submission standards for each workout can be found here.


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