March 18, 2014
Danielle Sidell and Austin Malleolo Win 14.3
By CrossFit

Danielle Sidell and Austin Malleolo turned in the world's best performances on 14.3 with 192 and 182 reps, respectively.

Danielle Sidell and Austin Malleolo turned in the world’s best performances on Open Workout 14.3, and earned the third of five weekly cash prizes. Each athlete will be awarded US$2,014.

The eight-minute AMRAP of deadlifts and box jumps tested strength, but in true CrossFit fashion, CrossFit Games Director Dave Castro made strong athletes work for the right to lift the heavier weights. Each round, the weight and reps increased. To get to the heaviest barbell, an athlete had to do a lot of lighter-weight deadlifts and box jumps.

Open Workout 14.3
10 deadlifts (95/135 lb.)
15 box jumps (20/24 in.)

15 deadlifts (135/185 lb.)
15 box jumps
20 deadlifts (155/225 lb.)
15 box jumps
25 deadlifts (185/275 lb.)
15 box jumps
30 deadlifts (205/315 lb.)
15 box jumps
35 deadlifts (225/365 lb.)
15 box jumps
Read the full description of the workout and standards here.
Four-year CrossFit Games competitor Austin Malleolo has a record of winning events that combine box jumps with heavy deadlifts. He set the worldwide event record for the regional Deadlift/Box Jump Event in 2011 and 2013. Last year, he finished the 21-15-9 of 315-lb. deadlifts and 30-in box jumps in just 3:18. With a one-rep-max deadlift of 570 lb. at a body weight of 175 lb., Malleolo has an exceptional deadlift to body weight ratio.
This weekend, Malleolo finished the 30 315-lb. deadlifts and 15 box jumps in 7:07, and went on to complete seven deadlifts at 365 lb. within the eight-minute time cap for a total of 182 reps.  
South East competitor Steven Platek and Mid Atlantic competitor Nate Schrader tied Malleolo on the rep count, but fell behind him on the tiebreak time. Judges recorded the elapsed time after the athlete completed each set of 15 box jumps, and athletes submitted the time of the last completed set of box jumps with their rep count on 14.3. Malleolo won with 182 (7:07), Platek came in second with 182 (7:17) and Schrader followed in a close third with 182 (7:19). In this event, every second counts.
Danielle Sidell said she was looking for redemption after being disqualified from the 2013 Open, and she may have gotten it with 14.3. 
Last season, Sidell posted the highest score on Open Workout 13.2, but had her performance invalidated after the Games staff reviewed video footage. General Manager of the CrossFit Games Justin Bergh ruled she had failed to meet the movement standards in the AMRAP of lightweight shoulder-to-overheads, deadlifts and box jumps. Without a score on 13.2, Sidell dropped out of the 2013 season.
Now, she’s back with another top score on an Open workout combining box jumps and deadlifts. Sidell edged out veteran Games competitor Elisabeth Akinwale by one rep to take the win with a total of 192 reps. That means Sidell reached the 225-lb. barbell, and completed 17 225-lb. deadlifts within the time cap.
Watch the 14.3 World Record Performances:
Three weeks into the Open, Rich Froning Jr. and Samantha Briggs hold first place overall. Froning has yet to win a single Open workout, but he also has yet to be knocked out of the top 10 worldwide (fourth, second, eighth). Briggs is just ahead of the woman who attempted to chase her down on the Row 1 and Row 2 Events at the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Kaleena Ladeairous, as well as two-time CrossFit Games champion Annie Thorisdottir.
The next challenge will be announced at 5 p.m. PT, Thursday, March 20, at CrossFit Bellevue in Seattle, Wash. Minutes after it’s announced, watch the Battle in Seattle between two-time fourth-place Games finisher Scott Panchik and 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games second-place finisher Josh Bridges. It will all be streamed LIVE to