June 29, 2012
CrossFit Maximus: Another Go at the Games
By Josh Bunch

"I have a brother who competes for Dallas Central. Our goal is to beat Dallas Central."


The 2010 Central East Regional was an important milestone for CrossFit Maximus as it was the first time they were awarded a bid to the CrossFit Games. They weren’t as successful in 2011. Ever since, they have been training hard in hopes of another attempt at the Affiliate Cup.

For teammates, Megin Springate, Jennifer Smith, Kelli Cramer, Mike Deime, Lisa Hill, Chris Walker and team captain Matt Sharp, plans are intact and training is on par for what they hope to be a winning Games experience.

Stacking the team

CrossFit Maximus has depth – not just within the CrossFit world, but also within a variety of other athletic endeavors.

Team Maximus has four athletes experienced in track, two in basketball and one in cheer, basketball and football. Clearly these athletes are comfortable with being on a team.

One lockout from the Games

“We didn’t do as well as what we thought we were going to do on the first day,” Walker says about his team’s Regional performances.

Maximus had a plan. They did their best to stick with it, but CrossFit did as CrossFit does … it changed the plan.

“It all culminated on the last workout,” Walker says. “We were out of the top three (on the last day of Regionals) and we had to fight our way back into the top three. It was really exciting.”

Exciting is an understatement. The team’s performance made a stressful photo finish. With only three teams going to California, Maximus had its work cut out for it as Sharp and Walker began Event 6 out of contention. The men from Maximus followed the plan spectacularly, leaving the women to bring home the torch.

“I actually thought we were done for when we got to the wall balls,” Smith says.

After a few failed attempts and a wall ball to the face, team members regained their composure, and began to accumulate reps maintaining the lead their male counterparts created.

“It completely fell apart, but everybody kept their head on,” Sharp says. “We changed our rep scheme on the fly, and ended up still keeping our lead and maintaining it through the rest of the workout.”

Team Maximus finished Event 6 in first place, but the fight had just begun and their excitement was short lived. Upon their completion of Event 6, the team was cordially reminded that first place was not enough. The game was still going. First might have not been good enough.

Their performance was in the books and there was nothing they could do except watch.

“We needed some girls to miss muscle-ups,” Smith says.

“One girl was in the top, and we wouldn’t have [qualified] if she could lock it out,” Sharp says. “We were on more pins and needles than they were. If she would have locked out, they would have [gone to the Games].”

After a few very heartbreaking no-rep calls, CrossFit Maximus watched time expire, and their second bid for the CrossFit Games dawn as reality.

Competition and Sibling Rivalry

CrossFIt Maximus is doing something right when it comes to the methods behind its training. A seldom talked about key to success is being able to laugh at yourself. A quality the team, and the entire box seem to cultivate by never taking themselves to seriously. To Maximus, fun and community come before competition.

This team and box wide personality and attitude shine through as they talk about the looming competition in Carson, Calif., specifically, CrossFit Dallas Central. “I have a brother who competes for CrossFit Dallas Central,” Walker says. “We are both going to be there at the Games, and my parents are going to make it out there. We are fighting for my parents love,” Walker says laughing. “Our goal is to beat Dallas Central.”

Maximus managed to claw its way into the finals. The team has already proven they are up for the challenge and are going to the Games to take home the Cup. All that remains is one weekend full of the unknown and unknowable to prove it.