Coming Back to Canada

December 7, 2012

Chris Cooper

"The truth is that I am Canadian and I want to represent where I am from."

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet has been enjoying California, but she's ready to get back to Canada East. 

"I have one month left in San Diego to enjoy the weather and all the amazing activities that the city has to offer — surfing, climbing, the beach," she says. "After that, I am going to head back to Canada to continue my full-time study in chemical engineering at Sherbrooke University, and try to train as much as I can for the CrossFit Games at the same time.”
Leblanc-Bazinet says many have asked her where she’ll be competing for the 2013 season. 
"I had a lot of questions about where I was going to compete. But the truth is that I am Canadian and I want to represent where I am from,” she explains. “I am not done with school, so I am not a full-time athlete … I am a full-time student, athlete, Level 1 Seminar coach, daughter, friend … it is hard to do all of it together."
Leblanc-Bazinet has been training hard. 
"I think every year is the same, and so much different at the same time. In order to get better as an athlete and as a person, I train my weakness without putting my strength on the side. This year, like last year, I am focusing a lot on strength, but also a lot on mental toughness," she says. 
"I am also doing a lot more outside sports, like surfing. I think a healthy way to train is to have fun doing it, so I try to add in my training aspects of life that make me happy," she adds.
"My focus is the same: Get as good as I can, and hope it is going to be enough."
Leblanc-Bazinet says she’s excited to head back to Canada. 
"I am very excited to represent Canada, it is such an honor for me,” she says. “So, I will be back (at the Games), hopefully, for my fourth year in a row, and hopefully, I'll keep improving my ranking at the CrossFit Games — fingers crossed for a podium this year."