March 20, 2013
The Comeback Kid of Canada West: Alicia Connors
By Quin Siah

"Sitting in the stands and clapping for the athletes on the podium ... that moment was definitely a tough one."

The “Comeback Kid” of Canada West is ready to compete with the best in 2013.

A two-time competitor at the CrossFit Games, Alicia Connors missed her chance last year after a sixth-place finish at the Canada West Regional.

 “Everything happens for a reason, right?” Connors says.

Her attitude toward the loss wasn’t always upbeat.

“Sitting in the stands and clapping for the athletes on the podium … that moment was definitely a tough one,” Connors admits.

Now she says not qualifying for the Games was a blessing in disguise. Changing her training after 2012’s disappointment was the first step toward a satisfying 2013. She believes she has become a stronger person as a whole.

After Regionals, Connors realized she needed a program that was tailored toward her strengths and weaknesses. She changed gears and deviated from CrossFit Taranis’ main site programming, and began following C.J. Martin’s competitive programming at CrossFit Invictus with the help of her boyfriend and Regional athlete Steve Howell.

“Using C.J. Martin’s/CrossFit Invictus’ competitive blog as groundwork, Steve tweaked some things to address my weaknesses,” she says. “Not only am I bringing forth a better package this year, but I am fired up to compete again.”

She has also hired the help of a swimming coach, a gymnastics coach, a nutrition coach, and also added yoga to her schedule.

Connors feels she performed well at the Regional last year in the workouts that required a big engine, but not as well with technical, explosive movements. One of those weaker movements was handstand push-ups.

“I don’t think it’s a big secret that gymnastics movements are not my forte. However, I am hitting them weekly and am improving everyday… Slowly, but improving,” she says.

“I realized that I can’t be afraid to sacrifice some of my engine for new found strength.”

Connors’ goal for 2013 is to place near the top in the Open. After 13.1 and 13.2, Connors is in third place in Canada West and feeling happy there are only three workouts left.

However, the Open isn’t her main focus. Connors hopes to be standing on the podium this year with a medal in one hand and a ticket to California in the other.