February 15, 2012
Close as Can Be: Matthieu Dubreucq
By Chris Cooper


Matthieu Dubreucq was so close to the CrossFit Games in 2011, he could taste it.
Finishing third in the Canada East Regional, Dubreucq – from CrossFit Laval – is looking to make a major step forward in 2012. 
​Sailing to CrossFit
Leaving his former sport of competitive sailing behind, Dubreucq has focused solely on qualifying for the Games this year. He's been working to increase strength in the offseason, and is now ramping up his volume to match. 
Traditionally stronger at the bodyweight workouts – he has a 9:45 “Angie,” he's done 78 consecutive pull-ups – Dubreucq has been able to pack 10 pounds on over the fall, and that's helped him bring his deadlift over 450 pounds. At his new weight of 165, that's a phenomenal lift. 
“More strength is required for the Regionals and Games now,” he says. “More people have great technique, so small guys can now do what only big guys could before.”
​CrossFit Laval's Competition Structure
Dubreucq is an athlete with a plan in place. His own training is well planned and methodical, of course, but his Affiliate Team is also geared for the long view. At CrossFit Laval, the team competition is used to groom future Individual competitors. “Guys and girls who make the team this year, they can get some exposure to competition, and hopefully make it as an Individual next year,” he says.
His experience in world-class sailing competition has also given him a unique view on producing the best athletes in the world. Dubreucq wants athletes from Canada East to fare better on the world stage, and to that end, he's been organizing local and regional events to raise the game of his neighbors, too. 
​Representing Canada East
“We're all competing at Regionals, but at the Games, we want the winner to come from Canada East.” This was a lesson learned through sailing – the sport that introduced him to CrossFit. “My coach told me to check the website in 2007. I did the WODs that didn't take a lot of equipment.”
He's got his eyes on himself, his team, and his Region. When it comes down to the ticking clock, though, where does his brain go?
“I give myself cue words. Only one or two at a time. I don't let myself think in sentences.”
When you combine his metabolic conditioning with his experienced mindset, Dubreucq is a top athlete to look out for this season. He has something to prove in 2012.