April 17, 2013
Chelsea Miller is Going Team
By Kate Rose

"There weren't too many surprises for me in the Open this year, other than discovering I could do a chest-to-bar Fran in under four minutes."

Chelsea Miller is a Canada West Regional veteran as an Individual. But this year, she’s going team.

The CrossFit Calgary athlete finished fourth at the 2011 Canada West Regional. In 2012, she finished the Open in third and Regionals in fifth. After the 2013 Open season, Miller finds herself in fifth place.

“There weren’t too many surprises for me in the Open this year, other than discovering I could do a chest-to-bar Fran in under four minutes,” Miller says. “I just tried to enjoy it and have fun each Saturday afternoon.”

Miller found that the Open reassured her of her training choices.

“There was nothing that came out that made me want to drastically alter my training before Regionals. The only workout I really felt disappointed with was the first one,” she says. “I felt like I may have ‘gamed’ it too much and should have done better.”

She used that feeling to push her through the next four workouts.

Miller’s training isn’t rigidly structured. She uses the regular CrossFit Calgary programming, and sometimes adds extra work.

“I usually do their WOD, as well as adding in extra strength and technical work. That usually involved Oly lifting or gymnastic movements. I also add in some of the main site stuff whenever there is a workout that I think looks like fun. I do my best to work on my weaknesses, but overall my philosophy is to have fun,” she explains.

“I fell in love with CrossFit because of the classes and the camaraderie I felt there, and the friendships I formed. I don't do a set program because I feel like I would be missing out on the thing that makes CrossFit such an amazing experience.” 

Miller has several CrossFit heroes she looks up to, including Miranda Oldroyd, Kristan Clever and Katie Hogan. She has two other heroes who are a little closer to home.

“I have been fortunate enough to compete against Angie Pye a number of times,” she says. “It goes without saying that Angie is a phenomenal athlete, but it never ceases to amaze me how incredibly nice, genuine and humble she is, as well.”

Another hero is a fellow athlete at CrossFit Calgary. 

“Michelle Savard is a trainer at CFC and was 14th in the world last year in the 45-49 age category. Simply put, she is one of the strongest and most driven people I know.”

Each year Miller competes, her focus is set on the Games. This year, she’ll be trying to anchor her team.

“I am approaching Regionals a bit differently from last year in that I have decided to go team. I have always said that I would go team for a year if I felt like we had the right combination of people. I think that we have that this year and could be a very competitive team,” she says. 

“I also think it will be good for me physically and mentally to switch gears a bit for a year. I do know that I am going to miss the Individual competition this year, but I am really excited about the opportunity to work with the group of people we have put together.”