May 12, 2012
Central East Announcers Make Predictions
By Cindy Young

Matt Chan, Cherie Chan and Josh Everett make predictions on who's going to the Games from Central East.

With the entire CrossFit world looking to the Central East, some heavy hitters are weighing in on who they feel will take the spotlight.

Fresh off his world record-breaking weekend, South West’s Matt Chan says that this weekend will be the Rich and Dan Show. “Rich is going to take this weekend … with Dan coming in 2nd. I am going with prior Games champion Graham Holmberg for the third spot,” he says. “So if all that happens that will leave two spots open and those are going to Nick Urankar and my dark horse is newcomer Marcus Hendren.”

Chan also has a solid prediction regarding the women. “It’s going to be Julie, but Lindsey Smith is going to give her a real run for her money, maybe even beating her in a few events,” says Chan.

As for 3rd place for the women, Chan feels the big weight is going to give Michelle Kinney trouble. “I just think that Michelle will stumble when it comes to all that weight. And it is for that reason that a previous no name has the chance to come take 3rd,” he predicts. “And right now I am going with Lindy Barber from Louisville East.”

The teams of Central East are all making bold predictions of new world records. “Team SPC has told me that Events 2, 4, and 6 are theirs for the taking … and hoping to finish top three in all events,” says Chan.

Not to be out done by her husband, team commentator Cherie Chan has some thoughts of her own. “I am going to give this weekend to Graham,” she says. “He is going to be the one to watch. I know everyone thinks that it will be Rich, but I am going to say Graham.

“As much I hate to say this … I think Julie will come out on top over Lindsey. I do not think there will be any surprises within the women’s field, but I do think that the weight is going to give Michelle Kinney issues.”

Josh Everett, a former competitor and an announcer for the weekend, says Froning will take four out of six events this weekend. “There’s just no way around that,” he says. “I see CrossFit Faith’s Elijah Muhammad sneaking in and taking that last spot. But there [are] going to be five men going to the Games from Central East with Rich and Graham – Nick Urankar being one of those.”

On the women’s side, Everett agrees with his colleagues. “No question it is Julie’s weekend, but Lindsey is not going to go quietly,” he says. “As for 3rd – if, and only if, Michelle Kinney gets through WOD 2 and we see her handle that weight with ease will she take 3rd.  

With those of you keeping score at home, the CrossFit heavyweights are doing fairly well with their thoughts after Day 1 of competition. All have been spot on with the women’s top two spots being taken by Julie Foucher and Lindsey Smith. Matt Chan takes it with his pick of Lindy Barber who is standing in 3rd.

As for the men’s division, it is both Mr. and Mrs. Chan that have called it right with Dan Bailey in 1st followed by Rich Froning and Graham Holmberg for 2nd  and 3rd. With Matt Chan’s newcomer dark horse Marcus Hendern sitting in 4th and not to be out done, Nick Urankar is making a great push for California.