March 10, 2013
Calling All Judges
By CrossFit

Anyone who passed the Online Judges Course may vote on video submissions. Read here for instructions.

The CrossFIt Games are off and rolling, and Judges are major contributors throughout the season.

Anyone who has passed the CrossFit Online Judges Course may vote on video submissions. Registered Judges can choose one of the following options for each video they watch.

"Invalid Video"

This means the video did not load or failed to meet the minimum requirements to accurately validate the Athlete's performance. If the Athlete does not show proper height and weight measurements, the Judge will automatically mark the video as invalid. If the Athlete fails to meet the other standards (does not state name, does not have clock in frame, does not have an observer in the frame, etc.,) then the Judge may deem the video invalid if they believe the video has been edited or otherwise does not accurately represent the posted score.

"Good to Go"

If the video is valid and the score it legitimate, the Judge will vote to accept the video.

"Needs Review"

If the Athlete has questionable reps, the Judge will vote the video needs review. When they click "Needs Review," they may suggest that the score be modified by one to five reps. If more than five reps are bad, they will vote to reject the video. If the tiebreak time is incorrect, they can select that box, as well.

Videos marked as "Invalid" or "Needs Review" may be officially reviewed and modified or rejected. In the event that the score is changed or rejected, the Athlete will receive an email confirmation with a brief description why. The Athlete will need to submit a new video prior to Sunday at 5 p.m. PT, in order to continue in the competition.