Brick Shithouse: Megan John

February 28, 2012

Jennie Yundt

The 4'11" competitor can squat 260 pounds.

It was a gut check just to see how long I could keep moving.


Being the smallest competitor has never bothered Megan John. After a 4th place finish at the 2011 North Central Regional, she is ready for another shot at qualifying for the Games. At 4’11” and 120 pounds, Megan John would have been the shortest competitor at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games by more than an inch.

This year, her training has taken on a new level of focus that it has not seen previously. “I used to just work on my weaknesses and then do a WOD that looked appealing to me,” John says. “After Regionals last year I started working with Skip Miller of Front Range CrossFit. It definitely put a spotlight on a lot of stuff I need to work on.”

Just a few of the things this power house has been working on, is taking her deadlift from 285 pounds to 303 pounds, bringing her back squat up from 230 to 260, and improving her snatch from 112 to 123. She credited Miller’s programming for the strength gains. “I video myself and send it off to Skip. He sends me back cues for my next session. It helps to have somebody else looking at your numbers,” she says.

When asked about the Open Workout 12.1 John laughs and says, “It was terrible. It was a gut check just to see how long you could keep moving. My quads were on fire and my shoulders were twitching. I definitely won’t be doing that workout again.”

Despite the pain, John admires the programming. “The workout was genius. It’s a movement everyone can do, so it allows for maximum participation and that’s what the Open is all about.”

John’s big weakness heading into the Open this year is gymnastics movements. “I just have no body awareness,” she says. “Plus I had a shoulder injury earlier this year that I’m still recovering from. I’m trying to work it just hard enough to not reinjure myself.”

Despite her love of competitions, her true love is training. “I am usually very nervous at competitions, but I love to train. There’s a part of me that wishes I had gotten into CrossFit sooner so I could have competed back at the Ranch. That’s definitely my cup of tea.” Yes, she even says she would have loved to run the hill. “Competitions are great, but it’s really just about everyone doing the best they can do.”

With her new training program, incredible strength numbers, and laser-like focus, Megan John is definitely one to keep your eyes on throughout the Open.