March 2, 2013
From BMX to CrossFit: Augusto Castro
By Harold Garcia

"I have dedicated myself to learn about CrossFit (and) enjoy CrossFit."



Translation: Charissa Vargas

Augusto “el Tin” Castro is 26 years old, Colombian and an extreme sports lover.

After dabbling in extreme skating and gymnastics, he eventually ended up in BMX motocross. He catapulted to elite status and represented Colombia with an outstanding performance in the 2008 BMX Jousts in Beijing. Castro has collected six international titles, including the South American BMX Championship.

Spending much time in the U.S. training with the American BMX team is how he discovered CrossFit in 2010.

“I got an opportunity to invest in a gym,” he remembers. “Close friends recommended CrossFit and I started to research more about this type of training. My head was occupied with, ‘What is CrossFit? What is it about?’”

Castro decided to stop into CrossFit Huntington Beach. There, he met Michael Smith, owner of the affiliate, and his fixation began. He met his current girlfriend on a flight to Brazil heading to the Level 1 Seminar. Munira Olarte became Castro’s motivation to keep training.

“I think I stayed in CrossFit thanks to Munira and her guidance,” he explains. “During those years of 2011 and 2012, I was 100 percent focused on BMX. My intention was to classify to the Olympics in Longon and win a medal. Due to my sport-specific preparation, I was unable to train CrossFit as much as I would have liked. But thanks to her, I never lost touch with the sport and my interest for CrossFit kept growing.”

While he wasn’t able to participate in last year’s Open, he’s already registered for the 2013 season. Castro says he’s relaxed as he trains, only doing one workout a day and training three to four times a week.

“I have dedicated myself to learn about CrossFit (and) enjoy CrossFit,” he says.

Castro is swimming, biking, doing gymnastics, practicing Olympic lifts and working on endurance. Nothing is pre-determined — he takes it day by day. But he’s always working on strength. Currently, his PRs include a 420-lb. back squat, a 209-lb. snatch and a 485-lb. deadlift.

“I train to win, I love to win,” he says. “Results will come … I am new to (competitive) CrossFit and I am conscious that there are people with more experience, better training and a lot of hope to win.”

Castro adds: “Sport mentality is a big difference. Your mind is a key factor in competition … much more important than the physical part.”