Be Part of the 2016 CrossFit Team Series

August 8, 2016


Registration begins August 16 at 

The CrossFit competition year doesn’t end with the CrossFit Games. While the Games are in the offseason, CrossFit will host the CrossFit Team Series presented by Compex.

The two-part series starts in early September, and ends in mid October. The first set of workouts will be released Sept. 6, and the second and final set of workouts will be released Oct. 4. For each series, the teams will be given 6 days to compete the workouts.

In the Team Series, any two men and two women can form a team. You and your teammates don’t have to train at the same affiliate or even live in the same state or country. You do have to complete all of the Team Series workouts together, though.

This freedom led to several incredible rosters in 2015. Katrin Davidsdottir, Mat Fraser, Cole Sager, and Michele Letendre formed the powerhouse team Built by Bergeron, only to be beaten by two-time champions Ben Smith, Emily Bridgers, Stacie Tovar, and Paul Tremblay of Team Reebok Classics. Affiliates also put forward teams that challenged the Games elite, earning spots in the top 10.

This year, the prize spread has expanded to reach all teams in the Open Division's top 15 overall (Rx'd). 

Rx'd - Overall Prize Money
1st $30,000
2nd $25,000
3rd $20,000
4th $15,000
5th $12,000
6th $10,000
7th $8,000
8th $7,000
9th $6,000
10th $5,000
11th $4,000
12th $3,000
13th $2,500
14th $2,000
15th $1,500

Teams will be able to choose between the Rx'd and scaled version of each workout. Choosing scaled for one workout will not prevent a team from doing the next workout as prescribed.  

There will be three divisions: Open (all ages), Teenagers (14-17), and Masters (40+).

Just like in the CrossFit Games Open, teams can perform the events in front of a judge at a participating affiliate or film their performances and submit a link to the video on YouTube with each score.

Registration begins on Tuesday, Aug. 16 at Send your team captain to the site to register the team. As part of the process, the captain will pay and send email invites to their teammates.

Registration costs $80 for all teams except those that are sponsored. Sponsored teams pay $500.

To Do List
1. Find three teammates.
2. Come back to between Aug. 16 and Sept. 6 to register your team.
3. Make sure all teammates accept your email invites.
4. Compete!