February 28, 2013
Back to Basics for CrossFit Base
By Siobhan Kent

“I’m lucky to have a lot of members who are performing well ... I'm confident that each member will be able to contribute to the Open and help get a Base team to the Regionals this year.”


Located in the deep south of Australia’s capital, Canberra, you’ll probably hear the sounds of CrossFit Base. On any given day, the thump of heavy barbells reverberates through the industrial area.

CrossFit Base is owned by Kylie Lindbeck, a Regional competitor for the past two years. The 28-year-old finished fifth at last year’s Australia Regional, making a name for herself in the Snatch Ladder where she lifted 170 lb., 30 lb. more than the event’s second-place finisher, and eventual overall winner, Kara Gordon.

Now, Lindbeck’s focus is on competing in weightlifting competitions, and making sure her box qualifies for the Australia Regional this year.

“I’m lucky to have a lot of members who are performing well, but also plenty who are up and coming and bring different strengths and skills to the Base family,” she says. “I'm confident that each member will be able to contribute to the Open and help get a Base team to the Regionals this year.”

CrossFit Base has never made it to Regionals as a team, finishing 42nd in the Open last year. However, 2013 could be the year that changes, with a number of top athletes coming through the ranks.

Clare Carey is one of the athletes aiming for a spot on the team.

“I’m keen to see the more basic skill movements in the Open to enable athletes to attempt the WODs regardless of what level they are at with their CrossFitting, and then the more advanced programming in the Regionals,” she says. “It’s easy to stay motivated and there’s always something to strive for.”

Will Beaumont, another CrossFit Base member, is aiming for an individual berth in 2013.

“Last year, I have no idea where I finished in the Open. This year, it’s all about finishing top 48 and making Regionals,” Beaumont says.

Having shoulder surgery three months ago forced Beaumont to work on his weakness: his legs.

“I’ve been doing a lot of Olympic lifting and squats, to build my strength, because that has been my downfall in the past. But at the end of the day, it really is a mental game. No matter what they include, every workout is hard and you have to push yourself mentally,” he says.

“I get through by having a strategy. If it’s heavy, I just try to get halfway through reps then do what I can from there,” he adds.

Ian Grabham is also hoping for individual success this year is. Having reached the Australia Regional for three years straight (2009, 2010 and 2011), the 34-year-old failed to qualify last year after finishing 88th in the Open.

“The burpee workout absolutely killed me,” he says. “I made up ground in the weeks after that, but it was too late.”

So what’s Grabham been working on this year?

“Burpees, and lots of them,” he laughs. “I’m also working on other bodyweight movements and endurance, with skills. Plus, I’m now stronger than I was before. I’m still only OK at most things, more of an all-rounder, so I do well when there’s a variety of workouts across the competition.”

A trainer at CrossFit Base, Brimlea-Jane Smyth, recently finished first at the Let’s Start a Riot competition and seventh at the Made of Steel event last year. She has only been CrossFitting for two years.

“Last year I made it through the Open, into Regionals and finished (25th) in Australia,” she says. “My ultimate goal this year is making the top 10, and in the lead up, I’ve really been focusing on my lifting, and skills like muscle-ups and other gymnastics movements.”

Smyth enjoys the tight-knit feel of CrossFit Base.

“You won’t get anything like it, anywhere, and you’re surrounded by such awesome people,” she says. “We get such personalized training here, not like the big commercial traditional chain gyms. And that’s such a big part of the essence of CrossFit and what keeps us all coming back time and time again.”