March 20, 2013
Baby on Board: Caitlin Hinterman
By Amanda Greaver

The fact that Caitlin Hinterman is seven and a half months pregnant with her first child hasn't deterred her from completing the first two Open workouts.

The fact that Caitlin Hinterman is seven and a half months pregnant with her first child hasn’t deterred this U.S. Army Captain from completing the first two CrossFit Open workouts as prescribed.

Hinterman, 30, originally from Davison, Mich., is a Company Commander for the 231st Transportation Company and is currently stationed in Athens, Ga. Hinterman has her Level 1 certificate and trains three to four times a week, however, she does not currently have a coach and is unaffiliated.

“I coach myself and have been following the website, although I usually add more weight or extra rounds than it prescribes,” she says. “I like following that website, and I know that I can do the movements at an acceptable pace since others have done them pregnant before.”

Last year, Hinterman finished the Open in 65th place and was a member of the Classic City CrossFit team, which qualified for the South East Regional.

“I think we finished 11th,” she recalls. “It was a lot of fun, and I hate that I won't be participating this year.”

Hinterman was first introduced to CrossFit while she was serving in Tikrit, Iraq, from 2007 to 2008. She saw some men doing some “odd workouts,” and they extended an invitation for her to join them.  

“They called it CrossFit, but they weren't trained in it, just were doing it,” she says. “I didn't really understand. All I knew was that it was challenging and awesome. It became an addiction. I just wanted to learn more and do more and get better.”

In her 12 years of service, Hinterman has been stationed all over and has a hard time attributing her CrossFit career to just one location. In addition to CrossFit St. Pete, Classic City CrossFit, and CrossFit Paragon, she has been a member of CrossFit RX and CrossFit RVA. 

“I couldn't just tell you how I started because every gym that I have been to has made me who I am,” she says. “It is phenomenal to experience so many different coaching styles, tips, ideas, training, etc. I know that each gym, each coach, and each friend that I made has greatly contributed to every CrossFit success that I have had.”

A former running back for the all female full-contact Atlanta Xplosion football team, Hinterman says her “CrossFit life” completely changed in February 2010 upon meeting Damon Mosley and Laura DeMarco Nielsen formally with CrossFit RX.  

“I walked into Crossfit RX in Atlanta for the first time, nervous, overweight and unable to run due to an ACL tear suffered while playing with the Xplosion. Mosley and Nielsen worked around my issues and everything began to change,” she says. “I felt like I was getting back to myself, then I had to deploy again in July. Throughout my entire deployment, I kept in touch with RX and asked questions, posted my times and followed the website. I cut out all sugars and breads and came back as a new person in June 2011. By that time, RX was owned by Kelly Levens and Michael King, and they were phenomenal to me when I came back. I 100 percent call CrossFit RX my home.”

Despite her “delicate condition,” Hinterman completed 150 reps on Open Workout 13.1.  One of her training partners, Niko Vandevoorde of Core Blend Training, posted a YouTube video of her performing the workout.   

“Cait is what CrossFit is all about,” Vandevoorde says. “She embodies everything great in this sport. She is someone that never stops in a workout and is one of the best coaches I've met. Her mere presence motivates everyone in the room. I love seeing her walk in the door. She possesses something intangible that sets her apart. I mean, she's crushing the Open with a 45-pound plate strapped to her stomach.”

“I wasn't sure if I could pull it off. I checked with my midwife, and set up the mats to enable myself to be able to control the descent on the burpees,” Hinterman says. “I warned everyone that I would be taking my time and breaks if needed and that it wouldn't be necessary to yell at me but maybe remind me to breathe. I think I more needed to tell myself that it was ok to go slower and that I was not last year's competitor anymore.

“The burpees went well. My thighs always touched first, and I was able to control myself to get to the standard of chest and hips on the ground. I actually like burpees and so I was excited to do them. The snatches were ok. My grip was a little closer so that I wouldn't belly bump with the barbell. Overall, I was happy with the outcome as my goal was to get to 70. You can see [in the video] at the end, things got a little hyped, but I am glad my friends pushed me as they did even though I was cussing them out in my head during those last burpees.”

Hinterman did Open Workout 13.2 back “home” at Crossfit RX. She says it didn't go as well as she hoped having had a goal of 200 reps.

“I scored a 195. Baby-weighted box jumps don't go over too well,” she says.

“Watching Caitlin hit the Open WODS at full intensity is just inspiring,” says Kelly Levens of RX CrossFit. “Her pregnant body full of sweat and struggle just makes me remember why I do CrossFit. She isn't breaking any records, she's not qualifying for Regionals, she is simply pushing herself as hard as she can. Her focus is not the Games, but simply to improve every single day. We seem to lose that sometimes throughout our day. This is, to me, the inspiration that Capt. Caitlin Hinterman brings to Crossfit RX.”

Hinterman has a team of midwives who she says are all very supportive of her continuing to CrossFit.

“One of my midwives did mention that she was supposed to tell me that 15 pounds should be my max, but then after I told her about my CrossFit, she said to stay around 75 percent of my max weight and not to do anything to the point where I am holding my breath or feeling dizzy,” she says.

CrossFit during pregnancy has kept Hinterman’s confidence steady. Her intention is to stay familiar with the moves and to keep her strength up for her due date on May 29.

“I am not sure how CrossFit has helped with pregnancy. I think I will find out in the final WOD. My midwives and masseuse seem to think that my core strength will greatly contribute to a healthy delivery. We shall see.”


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