Angie Pye is Shifting Priorities

January 7, 2013

Quin Siah

"Training had to move down the list of priorities  but it has still made the list ..."

Angie Pye is no stranger to the dedication required to finish first in Canada West. This year presents a new challenge for Pye as she attempts a third-consecutive first-place finish in her region in the CrossFit Games Open and Canada West Regional.

Since winning the Regional and finishing 16th at the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games, Pye has been training with L5 joint pain. The low-back injury occurred after last year’s Regional and Pye says it has had a major impact on her strength training.

"I can't really squat or lift any substantial weight," she says.

Calling 2012 ‘The year of Angie the super mom,’ Pye's focus has shifted.

“Training has had to move down in the list of priorities — but it has still made the list, and I've just had to take each day as it comes,” she says.

Pye says she’s finding it tough to get motivated on some days. Still, “Training provides an hour out of your day to forget about life’s woes because you are focusing on how much the WOD hurts,” she says.

She places the happiness of her two children in top priority. Second only to her family, is her job as a coach at CrossFit Taranis in Victoria, British Columbia, and now, her new position as intern with the Level 1 Seminar Staff.

This is a major shift from last year’s Games season, which was strongly biased toward her training goals. This year, Pye’s personal life comes first, she says.

In the gym, Pye is adhering to workouts from, which is the Taranis way. She is refraining from any movements that aggravate her low-back strain, and working on all three components of CrossFit to the best of her ability. Even after two successful years competing at the Games, she still feels she needs to work on everything.

Pye is standing by her goal to finish first in the upcoming Open for Canada West and Regional.