March 26, 2013
Alvaro Lopez is All About Community
By Zeyla Montero

"My first WOD was a Filthy (Fifty), and even though it was really hard for me to complete it, I knew at that time there was something there that I wanted to dedicated my life to."

Photos by: Jorge Huerta

Alvaro Lopez is well known in the Latin America CrossFit community. After only six months of training, he placed eighth in the 2011 Open in Latin America, and 12th at the Regional. Last year, he placed sixth at the Regional. He keeps his expectations high and is looking forward to another opportunity to compete at Regionals in Guayaquil, Ecuador this year.

Lopez is a Panamanian athlete with a passion for sports that started early. In his teens, he practiced soccer and American football. He also dedicated a lot of his time to surfing. Two years ago, he found CrossFit through friends.

“My first WOD was a Filthy (Fifty), and even though it was really hard for me to complete it, I knew at that time there was something there that I wanted to dedicate my life to,” Lopez says.

He started making CrossFit a priority. He begins his days at 5:45 a.m., and coaches at CrossFit PTY, located in the Panama City, Panama. He is an active part of the CrossFit community there.

“I really enjoy seeing people improve and become better every day. CrossFit is all about overcoming obstacles, being better, increasing the weight lifted from the week before and achieving PRs, and I love to be part of that process,” Lopez says.

Lopez trains for one-and-a-half hours per day, five to six times a week, coupled with a paleo diet.  

This year, Lopez took a group of aspiring competitors under his wing as head coach of the competitor’s class.

“We train two hours everyday, and we have started to do other activities together, and that what´s so nice about CrossFit … the bond, the friendships that you develop with fellow athletes and how they become a special part of your life,” he says.

Despite the fact that he has done well in CrossFit for the past two years, he acknowledges that this year, the amount of competitors has grown. He also recognizes many are stronger. Everyone has to give 110 percent in order to win one of those 48 places, Lopez says.

Lopez finished 13.1 with 257 reps to place 27thin Latin America. On 13.2, he completed 261 reps, admitting it was a difficult workout for him, as box jumps are one of his weaknesses. On 13.3, Lopez managed 255 reps, and was happy with his result — it was three more reps than last year. Lopez currently sits in 46th place in the region.

“I love the feeling of competition,” he says. “For me, it’s not only about being No. 1, but to be able to experience that feeling at the Latin America Regional. To be there with all the other athletes, the adrenaline and companionship amongst everyone, all suffering the same and giving more of what your mind and body think they have to give.”

His motivation comes from a Bible verses. Philippians 4:13 reads, Todo lo puedo en Cristo que me fortalice," meaning, "I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me."