February 27, 2012
Africa Scouting Report
By Imtiaz Desai


Check out the dark horses that are coming out of the Africa Region in 2012. 


Jason Smith trains at the Fight Fit Militia in Sunninghill, Johannesburg. They are primarily an MMA gym, but have a strong CrossFit culture. After almost no training in the lead up to the event, Smith placed 2nd at the 2010 Africa Regional Qualifier. He placed well in 2011 CrossFit Games Open, but was not able to make the trip to Cape Town for the Regional Qualifier. Since then he has made a dedicated effort to train consistently and is, without a doubt, going to feature strongly in the 2012 season. Smith’s strongest asset may well be his steely mental strength.

Jason’s Stats
Age: 27
Weight: 88 kg
5km run: 18:58
Max back squat: 150 kg
Max overhead squat: 100 kg
Max deadlift: 210 kg
Max clean & jerk: 110k g
Max snatch: 90 kg
Fran: 2:29
Gian Smit was a surprise competitor at last year's Africa Regional. However, most people do not know much about the young athlete, and he has not featured in any local competitions. Smit believes his progress since last year’s Regional may have been greater if not for battling injuries through the latter end of 2011. He is, however, upbeat about the upcoming season. “I have experienced many ups to training for this year’s CrossFit Games season thanks to my training partners and our awesome facility at CrossFit PBM.”
Gian’s Stats
5km run: 22:28 
400m run: 51:80
Max deadlift: 200 kg
Max clean & jerk: 115 kg
Max snatch: 80 kg
Fran: 2:36 
Amanda: 6:42
Helen: 11:00 
Diane: 6:59 
Elizabeth: 5:53
Pierre Ferreira is one of the biggest movers since 2011, and his overall progress over the past two years is nothing short of phenomenal. He identified strength as being one of his greatest weaknesses following last year’s Regional and has therefore made a concerted effort to increase lean body mass. Ferreira trains with Danie du Preez of CrossFit B4C, 2011 Fittest Man in Africa, so has an abundance of external motivation to add to his hungry drive to top the Africa Region’s Leaderboad. In a year, Ferreira has shaved an impressive two minutes off his “Fran” and “Nancy” times, and turned a previous weakness in handstand push-ups into a strength.
He notes his running speed and capacity have diminished a bit since increasing bodyweight, but believes this sacrifice is beneficial toward enhancing his overall performance.
Pierre’s Stats
Age: 29
Weight: 88 kg
5km run: 18:30
400m: 1:02
Max back squat: 160 kg 
Max overhead squat: 100 kg 
Max deadlift: 220 kg 
Max clean & jerk: 100 kg 
Max snatch: 80 kg
Max Pull ups: 43
Fran: 3:00
Helen: 8:15
Cindy: 24 rounds
Diane: 4:45
Nancy: 13:18
Annie: 6:58
Mariska Pretorius is one of the up and coming female athletes in the Africa Region. She tends to keep a low profile but has been identified as someone who is developing into a well-rounded athlete. Pretorius is a role model for many female CrossFit athletes in South Africa, and with every Games season she completes she will inch closer to the podium of the Africa Regional qualifier.
Mariska’s Stats
Age: 23
Weight: 55 kg
5km run: 24:40
400m run: 1:38
Max back squat: 70 kg
Max overhead squat: 40 kg
Max deadlift: 100kg
Max clean & jerk: 55kg
Max snatch: 35kg
Max power clean: 55kg
Max front squat: 60kg
Max power snatch: 35kg
Max pull ups: 20
Fran 8:50 
Helen: 11:45
Angie: 22:54
Grace 3:46
Cindy: 18 rounds