May 26, 2014
About Darcie Warren
By Darin Warren
Darin Warren introduces the CrossFit community to his wife.
Darin Warren introduces the CrossFit community to his wife.

Darin Warren introduces the CrossFit community to his wife, Darcie.

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Told From a Husband’s Perspective

Darcie Warren is 35 years old, a mother of six kids—one boy and five girls—a trainer at CrossFit Hyperion and she’s my wife.

After giving birth to our first child in 1999, she decided she needed to find a way to stay in shape. She started by walking and running with the stroller in the mornings with her friends. Soon after, she decided to run her first 5-km race at Brigham Young University. She ran it with her son in a stroller. She quickly fell in love with running and started training for half marathons. That later turned into running full marathons.

Darcie decided she wanted to qualify for the Boston Marathon. She picked the St. George Marathon in Utah as her qualifying race. She ran with an injured knee and still ran a qualifying time. After she qualified, I found her a sponsor that would pay to send Darcie and two friends to Boston so they could run.

In 2012, shortly after having our sixth child, one of her running friends invited her to work out at CrossFit Hyperion. From the moment she started, Darcie was hooked. She loved how quickly she could get her workouts in compared to training for marathons.

After working out for a few months, it became apparent CrossFit was something she excelled in. She earned her Level 1 certificate and started competing at local throwdowns. After coming in second place at a competition at Camp Williams, she knew this was her sport.

She set her sites on the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Open. She ended up qualifying for the South West Regional in Salt Lake City, Utah. However, she was disqualified during Event 2—the overhead squat ladder. She was unable to lift the first weight.

The next few days were rough for Darcie. She ran through what went wrong during the event over and over. She decided to make a comeback in 2014, and has been training all year with the hopes of qualifying for the 2014 South West Regional.

During the 2014 Open, Darcie finished 165th in the region. She knew she had a tough road ahead of her in order to qualify. But each week, she got closer. She finished 14.2 in 57th, 14.3 in 42nd and earned two 18th-place finishes in Open Workouts 14.4 and 14.5. She sealed her fate and earned a 34th-place finish in the South West.

But she wasn’t ready to celebrate yet.

Hyperion’s Team came in 10th in the region and under the new rules, if an athlete goes as an individual, that individual's score will no longer count for the team’s score. There was a real chance if she went as in individual—which is what she had trained for all year—the team wouldn’t get to go. Only three people in Utah County qualified as individuals—two of which train at CrossFit Hyperion and are coached by affiliate owners Bruce Roberts and Trevor Ashdown.

Nicole, the other competitor who qualified, let the team know she was going individual. Her scores were pulled. Darcie had to decide what to do. She didn’t make the decision until the last day—just a couple of hours before the deadline. The team, now sitting in 15th after Nicole’s scores were removed, dropped to 35th place—just five spots outside of qualification.

But hope was not lost. There was still time for other teams to drop. Team members watched for the next 24 hours as the Leaderboard shuffled. When the deadline hit, Team CrossFit Hyperion was in the 30th spot.

Now, Hyperion is sending two individual athletes and a team to the South West Regional.

About the Author

Darin Warren is a husband, father, photographer, designer and developer from Utah who loves the outdoors. Darin started CrossFit in early 2012 and is a member of CrossFit Hyperion.