February 29, 2012
45-49 Silver Medalist: Laurie Meschishnick
By Bree Donaldson

2011 CrossFit Games 45-49 Masters Silver Medalist, Meschishnick, gunned out 129 burpees.


The Women’s Master Division has grown to more than 1,100 competitors for this year’s 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open.  

Synergy Strength CrossFit Saskatoon’s own Laurie Meschishnick hopes to place in the top three athletes in the 45-49 Masters division. “It will be tougher competition than last year,” she acknowledges.

Meschishnick placed 2nd in 2011 in Carson, Calif., and shows right out of the gate in Open Workout 12.1 that she is still very much a top competitor. After gunning out 129 burpees in seven minutes, landing her in 3rd place overall, this 47-year-old mother of two is just waiting to hear what future weeks will bring.

“The longer the workout the better, and the heavier the Rx the better,” she says. “These are the workouts where I excel.”

Coached by Chad Benko, Meschishnick has worked hard to improve her skills and perfect her diet. “I eat strict paleo and in fact have no grains, dairy, red meat, or pork,” she explains. “But, you would be surprised at how many choices I still have left.”

After facing an injury – she tore her PCL during a farmer’s walk – she decided it was time to listen to her body and “avoided things like running and box jumps for a while.” Now that she’s healed, Meschishnick has managed to PR in her snatch at 100 pounds, and back squat with 210 pounds. 

A CrossFitter for three years now, Meschishnick says, “There is not a day when I don’t work out. But, there are mobility days in there for sure.”

Only the top 20 go to the Games in the Masters competition. Meschishnick is doing everything she can to ensure she is one of them. “My heart is going to push me past the other people at some point in the workout. That is just how I am.”