2016 Reebok CrossFit Games Tickets

April 4, 2016


CrossFit Games ticketing will look different in 2016. Tickets will be released to affiliates on April 22, and to the general public April 28.

About the Games

The CrossFit Games are the world stage for the Sport of Fitness. Hundreds of thousands of athletes enter the season in February, but only the top fraction of a percent earn the chance to compete for the title Fittest on Earth at the StubHub Center in Carson, California in July.

For fans, the Games are a six-day festival of fitness. Tens of thousands of people passionate about moving large loads long distances come to Los Angeles to watch the world’s fittest, and connect with other CrossFit athletes, trainers and affiliate owners.

The competition starts Tuesday, July 19, with the Masters and Teenagers in the Soccer Stadium. Late Thursday, July 21, CrossFit will declare the fittest in each of the seven age categories (40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+, 14-15, 16-17).

The Individual and Team Competitions begin on Wednesday and resume Friday-Sunday (July 20, 22-24). For the last few years, the Individuals and Teams have begun on Wednesday with an off-campus event such as an ocean swim in the waters by the Santa Monica Pier.

Friday through Sunday, all Individual and Team events are held at the StubHub Center. Each day begins at 9 a.m. with the Teams in the Soccer Stadium. Once the Teams are done midday, the Individuals take the soccer field. In the late afternoon, the Individuals move to the Tennis Stadium, where they perform under the lights. 

This changes on Sunday when both the Individuals and the Teams move to the Tennis Stadium midday for the finals.


CrossFit Games ticketing will look different in 2016.

Tickets will be sold exclusively in multi-day packages.

There are two types of multi-day packages: All Access Packages and Soccer Stadium Packages. 

  • Those who want to watch the entirety of the Games, including the Individual Competition in the Tennis Stadium, need an All Access Package.
  • Those who want to watch the majority of the Games, including all of the Teenagers, Masters, and Teams and all Individual events in the Soccer Stadium will want a Soccer Stadium Package.

Learn more about the six Games ticket packages—four All Access, two Soccer—below.


All Access Packages

Each All Access Package comes with six paper tickets:

  • Tuesday - All onsite venues
  • Wednesday - All onsite venues
  • Thursday - All onsite venues
  • Friday - Soccer + Tennis
  • Saturday - Soccer + Tennis
  • Sunday - Soccer + Tennis

By purchasing an All Access Package, you will have access to every Games venue at the StubHub Center for all six days. You won’t have to miss any part of the Masters, Teenage, Team, or Individual Competitions.  

There are four kinds of All Access Packages: Red ($225), Orange ($275), Blue ($335), Yellow ($500). The prices vary depending on where you will be seated in the Tennis Stadium. The listed price covers access for six days.

Select Yellow, Blue, or Orange, and you will reserve your seat in the bowl of the Tennis Stadium at the time of purchase. The seat you reserve will be yours Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Select Red and you will have general admission access to the bleachers at the top of the stadium.

Soccer Stadium Packages

There are two kinds of Soccer Stadium packages: Soccer 6-Day ($125) and Mid-Week 3-Day ($75). 

.  .  .

The Soccer 6-Day Ticket Package is ideal for anyone who wants to see the vast majority of the Games at a discounted price.

Soccer 6-Day includes six paper tickets:

  • Tuesday - All onsite venues
  • Wednesday - All onsite venues
  • Thursday - All onsite venues
  • Friday - Soccer only
  • Saturday - Soccer only
  • Sunday - Soccer only

With this package, you will be able to watch the entirety of the Masters and Teenage Competition (Tuesday-Thursday), as well as all Team and Individual events held in the Soccer Stadium (Friday-Sunday).

.  .  .

The Mid-Week 3-Day Ticket Package is designed for exclusive fans of the Masters and Teenage Competitions.

Mid-Week 3-Day includes three paper tickets:

  • Tuesday - All onsite venues
  • Wednesday - All onsite venues
  • Thursday - All onsite venues

With this package, you will be able to watch the entirety of the Masters and Teenage Competitions.


You have six ticket packages to choose from. The ticket packages range in price from $75 to $500.

Package Type Tennis Stadium Soccer Stadium Days Price
All Access Yellow Reserved Front Row General Admission 6 $500
All Access Blue Reserved Inner Bowl General Admission 6 $335
All Access Orange Reserved Upper Bowl General Admission 6 $275
All Access Red General Admission Bleachers General Admission 6 $225
Soccer Soccer 6-Day Only Wednesday and Thursday. General Admission 6 $125
Soccer Mid-Week 3-Day Only Wednesday and Thursday. General Admission $75

Ticket Release Dates

Affiliate Pre-Sale: April 22 (12 p.m. PT)

Public Sale: April 28 (12 p.m. PT)


Games tickets will be sold through AXS.com for both the Affiliate Pre-Sale (April 22) and Public Sale (April 28). Both sales will start at noon (Pacific Time).

Click here to go to the ticketing page.

Affiliate Pre-Sale

The April 22 Affiliate Pre-Sale is open to any affiliate that had 12 or more members register for the 2016 Open.

Six days before the tickets go on sale to the public, affiliates will get early access to the ticketing website, AXS.com, where they’ll be able to purchase up to eight All Access Packages.

To get in, you must have a code. These codes will be added to the Affiliate Manager’s competition page on the Games site on April 11. The competition page is the first page you see after you log in to Games.CrossFit.com.

The codes are transferrable. A code can be used by anyone for a single purchase of up to eight All Access Packages. You will be able to select only one seating section per purchase. 

Ticket packages may go fast. Over 7,800 affiliates qualify for the Pre-Sale, and there are approximately 9,000 All Access ticket packages available.

What remains will be sold to the public starting April 28.

Other Details

Parking and Fees

All ticket packages include daily onsite parking for one vehicle, and the ticketing website’s fees.

Receiving Tickets

Buyers from within the United States who purchase their tickets by Thursday, June 30, can choose between mail delivery and Will Call. All tickets purchased after June 30 will be held at the StubHub Center's Will Call.

Buyers from outside of the United States will not have the option of mail delivery. All tickets purchased by international buyers will be held at Will Call.


Kids 12 and under will be admitted for free with a ticketed adult. Kids admitted for free will have access to all competition venues Tuesday - Thursday, and only the Soccer Stadium Friday - Sunday. 

To access the Tennis Stadium Friday - Sunday, everyone regardless of age will need an All Access ticket. 

Single-Day Tickets

Single-day tickets will not be available in the initial sale. CrossFit reserves the right to sell single-day tickets later, online or at the door, if available.  

UPDATE 7/16/2016: Single-day tickets are now on sale at AXS.com. These single-day tickets function the same as each ticket in the Soccer 6-Day Package. Tuesday - Thursday tickets provide access to all onsite events those days. Friday - Sunday tickets provide access to the Soccer Stadium events (the Tennis Stadium is sold out). 

Tuesday - $30
Wednesday - $30
Thursday - $30
Friday - $45
Saturday - $50
Sunday - $55

A 20% discount is available for group purchases of 10 or more tickets for the same day.

All Access Wristbands

To differentiate you as an All Access ticket holder, you will need to pick up a wristband that complements your paper ticket once you arrive at the venue each day. This wristband will let you into the Tennis Stadium in the afternoon. There will be no rush to get your wristband since your seat (Yellow, Orange, Blue), or seating section (Red), is secured. 

The wristband stations are shown in the map below.

Even after you pick up your wristband, you will keep your paper ticket since it shows where you are seated in the Tennis Stadium.

Sharing Ticket Packages

Each ticket package comes with multiple paper tickets (one per day). Consequently, a single package can be shared between multiple friends. Please note that only one person can gain access to the StubHub Center per ticket per day.

For example, an All Access Ticket Package buyer who cannot attend on Friday may choose to hand off the Friday paper ticket to a friend. That friend would be the sole person to use that ticket that day. 

Tickets for Games Qualifiers

We encourage all family and friends of potential Games qualifiers to purchase tickets during the initial public sale. That's the best time to get the exact tickets you want for your group.

To ensure that every Games qualifier has some seats for their family and friends, we've set aside ticket packages for Games qualifiers. These ticket packages correspond with the athlete's competition venue.

  • Each Masters and Teenage competitor will receive two comped Mid-Week 3-Day Packages.
  • Each Team will receive six comped All Access Packages (Red), and the option to purchase up to 4 more (Red).
  • Each Individual will receive two comped All Access Packages (Orange), and option to buy up to 3 more (Red).

Competitors must claim their comped and purchasable tickets within a week of qualifying for the Games. Games organizers will provide information via email.

Any remaining ticket packages will be released to the public in June.

Accessible Seating

People with mobility disabilities who require accessible seating because of their disability are permitted to purchase tickets for accessible seats.

In the Tennis Stadium, these seats are located on the outer ring of the stadium bowl near the bleachers. Those who need these seats can reserve a seat for themselves and up to three companions in this area. All Access Ticket Packages for these accessible seating sections will cost $225 per person. 

There is also accessible seating in the Soccer Stadium, and it will be available to anyone who needs it. All ticket package types will work.