March 26, 2012
2012 North East Team Update, Part Two
By Katherine Henry and Kyle J. Smith

Everybody likes to root for the underdogs and every year the CrossFit Games gives you more chances to do that. In one of the toughest regions, check out some teams that have their hearts set on making it to the Games, one grueling workout at a time. 

CrossFit Southie
Open Regional Ranking: 3rd

CrossFit Southie had only been open a few months before the 2011 North East Regional. They brought a strong, solid team to the competition and had an awesome performance on the men’s thruster ladder.

This year, CrossFit Southie has trained with one goal in mind – 1st place at Regionals. Their focus has been on training a well-rounded team, knowing a team is only as strong as its weakest link. Team CrossFit Southie has put an emphasis on the female athletes, rising up quality athletes with strength and technique.

If you walk into CrossFit Southie you’ll find them training weaknesses and testing the 2011 Open Workouts in preparation. CrossFit Southie athletes love CrossFit and hope to be recognized for their good attitudes and exceptional performances.

BK Athletics/CrossFit Performance
Open Regional Ranking: 6th

There is no question about it, BK Athletics/CrossFit Performance athletes wants to make it back to the Games in 2012. In the 2010 CrossFit Games, the team finished 11th in the world. In 2011, they had high expectations, but were disappointed after a team member suffered an injury. That meant the team had to go into the 250s workout with only three athletes. They finished 5th overall.

Team BK Athletics has lost a couple members to the Masters competitions, bu they are confident in their women competitors including Jenny Davis and Amanda Goodman, a 20-year-old gymnast.

Coach Ben Kelly says for them, the only day that matters is May 27th. The team will be pushing for a good seed coming out of the Open and into Regionals. This team is training as a team, working on transitions and being fluid across the board. 

CrossFit Relentless
Open Regional Ranking: 10th

CrossFit Relentless came in 6th in the 2011 North East Regional. Their goal for 2012 is to make it to the CrossFit Games.

Coach Merle McKenzie recognized a weakness in 2011 – the need for not only strength, but strength endurance, the deadlift/box jump workout was a tough one for the team. In training for the 2012 Games season, the team focused on getting stronger, staying away from met-cons to maximize strength gains. Through training together they have learned to cooperate and now know each other's strengths.

McKenzie recognizes the strength of the North East Region and says it’s going to be harder and harder to qualify each year. Nonetheless, Relentless athletes have gotten better – all around – in preparation for 2012. "Our performance at Regionals should speak for itself,” McKenzie says. 

Albany CrossFit
Open Regional Ranking: 8th

Albany CrossFit’s team had a strong performance in 2011 and is looking to make their mark in 2012. CrossFit Albany has been working on developing a deeper pool of female athletes to choose from for their affiliate team. They are looking for strong women who can also handle the gymnastics and bodyweight skills.

To do this, the affiliate added a female-only gymnastics class to help develop these skills in their female athletes. A competitors program was also developed to help athletes who are interested in competing, having regular in-house throwdowns to see how athletes perform in the competitive atmosphere.

The final decision as to who is on the roster will be coming after the Open. Coach Kevin Houston says the North East is one of the toughest regions, but the ultimate goal is a qualifying spot to compete in Carson, Calif., in July.