March 25, 2012
2012 North East Team Update, Part One
By Katherine Henry and Kyle J. Smith

In 2011, the North East Region was represented by three quality teams – CrossFit New England, CrossFit Fenway and CrossFit Route 1.

The North East is one of the most competitive regions in team competition. In this update, check out last year's qualifying teams. We'll see where they are now and what their plan of attack is for 2012.

This year, CrossFit New England has to fill two roster spots. 

CrossFit New England
Regional Ranking after 12.4: 2nd 

A dominating performance at Regionals sent this team to Southern California and they soon became world champions. When Ben Bergeron, owner of CFNE, says the experience would be hard to top, but that his goal for the team is to be the first to repeat as Affiliate Cup champions.

When it comes to preparing for the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games, the win in 2011 has validated their approach to training. CFNE is on the right track. Bergeron says the win has helped boost their confidence, and the CFNE team has been training the way they always have. Much of their training focuses on knowing how to work as a team and being able to read each other — the key is knowing when someone needs a break.

This year, CrossFit New England has to fill two roster spots. Matt Frankel — who killed 150 wall balls to anchor the final event of the 2011 CrossFit Games — opened his own affiliate. And Sonia Cormier joined CrossFit Bridgewater with longtime boyfriend and fellow CrossFitter, Jason Caldas.

CrossFit Fenway
Regional Ranking after 12.4: 12th

CrossFit Fenway is looking to make it back to California in 2012. Last year taught the affiliate team the Games is a competition on another level. Team members at CrossFit Fenway learned where they need to be to compete at the highest level and they are not taking this strong region lightly.

Currently, the roster is not completely set. The gym is full of excited athletes giving it all they’ve got and having fun. They have focused on increasing strength and making all-around athletes. The team has been working to strengthen weaknesses, increasing speed and being better at transitions. Coach Eric Siegel emphasized the CrossFit concept of virtuosity – doing the common, uncommonly well – and CrossFit Fenway athletes hold themselves to this high standard.



CrossFit Route 1
Regional Ranking after 12.4: 18th

2011 was a solid year for CrossFit Route 1 as they represented the North East Region at the CrossFit Games in California. Route 1 is looking to return to California in 2012. With two of their 2011 team members shooting for the individual competition this Games season, there are a couple of spots open on the roster.

The time, effort and dedication needed to compete at the highest level are concepts not foreign to the team working out in Saugus, Mass. The team is also embracing the leadership from teammates who have been there before. Ryan and Kendra Hewitt and accomplished teammates are leaders by example according to Jared Monaco, owner of CrossFit Route 1.

The team has been hammering out individual goats this year and working as a team to get stronger and improving their Olympic lifts. As the Open hits, the team will be working out with the entire gym knowing the competition to go to the Games is only going to be tougher this year.

CrossFit Route 1 is looking to bring their own personalities to the events - with big smiles, a lot of fun and showing off their high energy and top notch worth ethics during the 2012 Games season.