February 16, 2012
2012 Australia Scouting Report
By Mel Barnshaw
Take a look at the up and coming athletes in one of CrossFit's fastest-growing regions.
Take a look at the up and coming athletes in one of CrossFit's fastest-growing regions.








Cobi Head

Affiliate owner of CrossFit Albury Wodonga and a current Army Physical Training Instructor, 27-year-old Cobi Head is talent on the rise. Head was introduced to CrossFit in 2010 by his fiancé’s parents and has never looked back. His love of fitness has seen him dabble in a vast array of sports throughout his childhood. More specifically, he competed in Australian Rules football as well as in basketball, which he played until joining the army at 21. As an affiliate owner and aspiring athlete, Head’s discovery of CrossFit now has him living and breathing a lifestyle of health and fitness. 
Age: 27
Height: 187
Weight: 82
Clean & Jerk: 107.5 kg
Snatch: 90 kg
Deadlift: 205 kg
Fran: 3:14
Grace: 3:04
Helen: 8:06
Fight Gone Bad: 390
Filthy Fifty: 22:09
5km: 18:52







































Penny Kemp

Penny Kemp, 27, is a food technologist from Victoria, Australia. Kemp’s CrossFit journey began in October 2010 where she began CrossFit-style workouts in the park. Her first official workout in a CrossFit affiliate box was in May 2011, where she was greeted by “Barbara.” 

Kemp has previously being involved in a variety of sporting disciplines, including competitive gymnastics, state-level hockey, as well as diving, trampolining, and surfboat rowing. Her versatility and experience in a variety of sports in the past have proven beneficial in the transfer of skills across fundamental CrossFit elements including power, speed and agility. Her bodyweight skills are her standout strength. What Kemp lacks in CrossFit experience, she makes up for with drive, determination, and strong a desire to win. At just 155-cm., this little powerhouse is sure to be packing plenty of punch throughout this year’s Open. 
Age: 27
Height: 155cm
Weight: 57 kg
Fran: 3:08
Heavy Grace: 4:32
Deadlift: 110 kg

Alana Biggam

Alana Biggam is a 30-year-old musculoskeletal therapist from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. A beach volleyball player who has previously represented Queensland and Australia, Biggam was introduced to CrossFit when asked to join a friend for a workout in the park one afternoon and found herself hooked. 
Biggam began her CrossFit training at CrossFit Broadbeach on the Gold Coast, and has since relocated due to work and living commitments to CrossFit Brisbane, where she trains under the direction and watchful eye of Australian CrossFit royalty, Matt Swift.
Biggam has a strong passion for CrossFit and drive for competition. Since starting CrossFit, she has finished strongly in a number of local throwdown competitions and placed 138th in the Australian Region in 2011. Biggam is a multi-talented athlete who not only excels in strength-based workouts, but is also a top performer when it comes to high-repetition bodyweight workouts. More specifically those involving box jumps, wall balls and pull-ups. With just more than a year of CrossFit training behind her, Biggam’s previous experience in competitive sport and already impressive scores make her an athlete to be sure to watch out for during this year’s Open.
Age: 30
Height: 176
Weight: 69 kg
Fran: 4:42
Grace: 3:07
Helen: 9:37
Fight Gone Bad: 286
Filthy Fifty: 25:25
5k: 22:32
Clean & Jerk:68.5kg

Matthew Horrocks

Matthew Horrocks, from Brisbane, Queensland Australia is a young man who is proving to have many talents. At 26, Hoorocks has a proven track record across a variety of sporting disciplines throughout his time at school and university, including rowing, athletics, swimming and, more recently, Premier league rugby.

Horrocks’ introduction to CrossFit came in May of 2010. Within a week he found himself feeling somewhat emotional after his first experience with the infamous “Filthy 50.” Since this time, Hoorocks earned a 52nd-place finish in the 2011 Australian Regional Open Competition. However, he forfeited his position to compete individually to represent his previous affiliate. They finished in 2nd place, earning themselves an opportunity to compete at the 2011 CrossFit Games in Carson, Calif.
Horrocks has proven his abilities as an all-around athlete and hopes use the experience and exposure he gained from competing amongst the elite on the world stage at the 2011 CrossFit Games to assist him in cementing a top-60 finish in this year’s Open competition.

Age: 26
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Clean & Jerk: 112 kg
Snatch: 87.5 kg
Deadlift: 182.5
Fran: 2:34
Grace: 2:07
Helen: 7:19
Fight Gone Bad: 364

Jo Maas​ 

Jo Maas is the owner of CrossFit Toowoomba in Queensland, Australia. 
Maas’ previous sporting background and competition experience is in triathlons. In March 2009, stuck in a motel room with her children and unable to go for a swim, run or ride, she found herself searching for workouts over the Internet that required no equipment. This is the moment when Maas says her life changed. This is the moment Maas found CrossFit.
Since 2009 Maas has competed and finished strongly in many local throwdown competitions. As well as earning herself a very impressive 22nd place at the 2010 Australia Regional, she took 26th in the Open in Australia in 2011.
Maas has been training hard since last year’s Open competition and will be looking to use her vast competition experience and athletic versatility to her advantage. With aspirations to gain a top place finish in this year’s Open, she is looking forward to gaining opportunity to compete against the Regions best athletes, fighting out for qualification to the CrossFit Games in July.
Age: 38
Height: 176
Weight: 69 kg
Fran: 5.25
Grace: 3.12
Helen: 10.25
Fight Gone Bad: 332
5k Run: 22:34
Clean & Jerk: 62 kg
Deadlift: 140 kg

​Jacob Frampton

Twenty-eight-year-old Jacob Frampton from Brisbane, Australia is a young man who has made remarkable improvements.
Frampton’s CrossFit journey began in November 2010 with an introduction to “Murph.” With a background in surfboat rowing and rugby, CrossFit is the first experience Frampton has had at individual competition. After participating and finishing strongly among a high-quality field of athletes in various local competitions since beginning his training, it was not until mid-2011 when Frampton decided CrossFit was his focus and serious sport.
Although Frampton’s CrossFit training experience has been short to date, the numbers and gains he has produced in this time are impressive. He has proven to be an all-around athlete whose team spirit and love for the sport have him viewed as one of the local Community favourites and an athlete to watch throughout this year’s Open.
Age: 28
Weight: 83kg
Height: 172cm
Clean & Jerk: 110 kg
Snatch: 85 kg
Deadlift: 160 kg
Fran: 3:37
Grace: 2:57
Helen: 8:27
Fight Gone Bad: 370
Filthy Fifty: 20:39