January 10, 2012
2011 Games: Team Event 1 Results
By CrossFit

The last of the day’s 5 team heats saw the tightest competition, but it was R.A.W. Training who took first place overall with a time of 8:18.

Its finish bested by one second, Diablo CrossFit, who previously held the record after the day’s second heat.

Despite some pre-planning and even team rehearsals, the event proved to be awkward, several teams said.

“We actually practiced with our Reebok bags in the (athlete) area, but there’s only so much you can prepare,” said Vic Zachary of Bayou City CrossFit.

Climbing over the logs with heavy sandbags was more difficult than expected, he added.

“You can only prepare so much for that weight on your legs,” said Kati Russell, also of Bayou City CrossFit.

Brick CrossFit’s phrase was “the fastest turtle wins the race,” team captain Jarett Perelmutter said. “We drew it up on the board, went through it like a rehearsal dinner at a wedding. We had everybody assigned bag numbers,” he said. “We’re not the biggest team here, but we’re fit and we’re quick.”

Brick CrossFit finished the first affiliate competition at fifth place with a time of 9:05.

Before the event, CrossFit New England, which dominated the Northeast Regional, created its strategy: don’t drop the bags, affiliate co-owner Ben Bergeron said beforehand.

The team is known for its detailed planning and preparation. “I think it was great to know to stick to the plan,” team member Sonia Cormier said seconds after CFNE finished at 8:22 for a third overall finish.

When the workout becomes both a physical and mental challenge, the plan gets everyone through it, she added.

“Thank you, Ben,” Cormier said with a laugh.

Talking also was key for the team workout, affiliate teams said. “We had great communication,” said Joe Reweti of Gold Coast CrossFit.

Fellow team member Clayton Schulz agreed. “We planned to just get everything over the log—the heaviest 1 first, 2 people to take (the bags) to the wall (and the) same thing on the way back,” he said.

With a time of 10:33, CrossFit Dallas Central took the first heat of the affiliate competition. It ended up finishing 17th place overall.

The team attributed its heat win to great coaching.

Its strategy was “just keep moving,” said Amber Cortese seconds after the team finished the workout.

Teammates Julz Kennedy and Meredith Xu agreed.

“I feel like we couldn’t have done it better,” Kennedy said. “Hopefully this puts in a good position.”

With Event 1 completed and R.A.W. Training in the overall lead, Dave Castro announced Team Event 2 and 3 in the Stadium just before 11 a.m.

Team Event 2

With a team of 6 athletes, complete as many 15-foot rope climbs as possible in 2 minutes. Each team will have 6 ropes.

Event 3 will begin immediately after that with no rest period.

Team Event 3

Immediately following Event 2, each athlete will have 2 minutes to establish a 1-rep-max clean.

The team’s score will be the sum of each individual's max load.

These two events will take place in the main stadium.