February 23, 2012
12 Hours In: Kat Williams
By Cindy Young

"Going into this, I said I was not going to stop ... and I didn't."

Everyone was around the computer, waiting to read their first punishment. Then out of the silence, burpees. For seven minutes.

Central East’s Kat Williams first thought: “Wait,  love burpees.” Williams, of CrossFit Future, scored 110 reps on WOD 12.1. Twelve hours after the anticipated workout was announced, she is atop the Central East Leaderboard.

“Going into this I said I was not going to stop … and I didn’t,” Williams says. “I heard someone say, ‘two minutes to go,’ and I thought to myself, ‘I can do anything for two minutes.’ Then I can just lie down.”

Williams gives credit to her fellow trainer Mark Dankow for getting her head in the place it needs to be. “Mark just said, ‘Go to that special place and stay there for seven minutes, and that’s what I did.” Williams special place awarded her 110 burpees.

“The most difficult part is the 6-inch jump,” she says. “My quads were on fire. It took all I had to just not stop, but that was my goal going in. Just don’t stop.”

Williams goes on to say, “You get to a point where you know you could start to fall apart, but the winners will just ignore that voice and push even harder.”

Williams has been CrossFitting for two-and-a-half years, but only since last May has she been following an actual training plan. Going into the 2012 Open, Williams plans to be a part of the team for CrossFit Future adding “My biggest weakness is my absolute strength, but if burpees show up at Regionals, I have the team covered.”