Join CrossFit's Online Review Team in 2024

January 19, 2024

Every year, CrossFit calls on members of the community to join the Online Review Team. This team holds competitors in the advanced online stages of the season accountable to movement and workout standards by meticulously reviewing video submissions. To be considered for the Online Review Team, applicants must have taken and passed the 2024 CrossFit Judges Course. A current CrossFit Level 1 Certificate is also highly recommended.

In 2024, the Online Review Team will be asked to review video submissions from the Team (April 5-13), Individual (April 19-27), and Age-Group Quarterfinals (April 19-27), as well as the Age-Group Semifinals (May 10-19). Members of the review team will be compensated according to the breakdown below:

  • Team Quarterfinals: $250
  • Individual Quarterfinals: $300
  • Age-Group Quarterfinals: $300
  • Age-Group Semifinals: $350

Applicants MUST upload a copy of their current 2024 Judge's Course Certificate and, if available, a copy of their Level 1 Certificate at the time of registration.