Penalties and Score Adjustments for Bike to Work

August 3, 2022

In Bike to Work, athletes are responsible for completing the required number of laps for the event. 

The following athletes did not complete the required number of laps and have been assessed a penalty. Their slowest lap time was added to their recorded time for any missing laps in the recalculation of their final score:

  • Spencer Panchik 
  • Lazar Đukić
  • Danielle Brandon 
  • Elena Carratala Sanahuja

Additionally, counting errors are reviewable, and one athlete completed an extra lap in this event. The accurate time at which she completed the required work was verified in the recorded footage of the event, and her score has been adjusted to reflect her correct time:

  • Seungyeon Choi

All changes to scores and standings for this event are now reflected on the CrossFit Games leaderboard.

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