2022 Torian Pro Semifinals Workouts Released!

May 13, 2022

The Torian Pro Semifinal kicks off Week 1 of the 2022 CrossFit Semifinals, alongside CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown and Syndicate Crown.

Torian Pro workouts for individuals and teams have been released.

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Individual Workouts 

Workout 1 

For time:

15 overhead squats 70/52kg

15 burpee box jumps overs 24/20”

15 thrusters 61/43kg

15 power cleans 93/61kg

15 muscle ups

Run 1500m

15 muscle ups

15 power cleans 93/61kg

15 thrusters 61/43kg

15 burpee box jump overs 24/20”

15 overhead squats 70/52kg

Time Cap: 23 minutes ⏰

Workout 2

10 rounds for time:

1 legless rope climb, 15’

Run (170’)

Time Cap: 11 minutes ⏰


Workout 3

3 attempts for max load of:

3 cleans + 2 front squats + 1 jerk (shoulder-to-overhead)

Workout 4

In 2 minutes:

15 chest to bar pull-ups 

15/10 echo bike cals

Max snatches 47/34kg


Rest 2 minutes, then repeat until 60 snatches are completed. 4 round cap.

Workout 5

For time: 

21 strict deficit handstand push ups 

Husafell bag carry 180ft 

15 strict deficit handstand push ups

Kettlebell farmers carry 180ft

9 strict deficit handstand push ups 

Yoke carry 90ft 

Time Cap: 11 minutes ⏰

Workout 6

For time: 

1000m row

100 double unders

10 deadlifts 185/125kg


Time Cap: 7 minutes ⏰


Team Workouts

Workout 1 

5 rounds for time:

40 toes to bar, sync (20 each MF pair)

300m run, sync (150m each MF pair) 

20 worm burpees

10 worm cleans 

Time Cap: 26 minutes ⏰

Workout 2

For time, starting with the female pair:

40 thrusters 43kg

6 legless rope climbs

30 thrusters 43kg

4 legless rope climbs

20 thrusters 43kg

2 legless rope climbs

Immediately followed by the male pair (thrusters at 61kg).

Time Cap: 20 minutes ⏰

Workout 3

3 rounds for time: 

15 bar muscle ups (4 person sync)

15/10 echo bike calories (4 person sync)

15 clean and jerks 65/43kg (4 person sync)

Time Cap: 14 minutes ⏰

Workout 4

Snatch Ladder

(Weight in kilograms)

M: 84/88/93/98/102/107/111/115/120/124 (11th platform staged at 129)

F: 61/63/65/68/70/72/75/77/79/81 (11th platform staged at 84)

*If one or both lifters completes the ladder, one attempt at the 11th platform is earned. During the next 1-min rotation the athlete will rest and declare the load they wish to lift. After the minute of rest, they will have from 0:00-0:25 seconds to complete the lift. 

**If both lifters on a team complete the ladder, the team must choose 1 athlete to attempt the 11th lift.

Workout 5

In MF Pairs, for time: 


Deadlift (sync) 102/70kg

Handstand push ups (sync)

The first MF pair will complete the workout, followed by the second pair. 

Time Cap: 16 minutes ⏰

Workout 6

For time: 

1,000/800m row

100 double unders

10 overhead squats 88/61kg

Relay, FFMM

Time Cap: 24 minutes ⏰

Torian Pro Athlete Approaching the Finish Line - Benny Watson