Team Semifinals Invites Have Been Sent

May 10, 2021

Official invites have been sent to the teams who have qualified for the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Semifinals. 

The 10 CrossFit Semifinal events are seeded with qualifying teams from each continent. Most continents have only one event, so the teams on those continents are seeded based on their position on the Quarterfinal leaderboard for that continent.

In Europe, teams that placed first, third, fifth, seventh, and ninth were seeded at the Lowlands Throwdown, and those in second, fourth, sixth, eighth, and 10th went to the German Throwdown. 

In North America, the following guidelines were used to determine event placement:

1. The top 10 teams in North America were given their first choice of Semifinal event.

2. Teams living in the same state as an event were placed at that event (unless their first choice was elsewhere).

3. All teams qualifying out of Canada and Mexico were placed in the online Atlas Games to accommodate travel restrictions related to COVID-19.

4. The remaining teams were placed in events based on a combination of factors — including their stated preferences, Quarterfinal leaderboard positions, and past Games performances — to ensure an equitable distribution of the competitive field.

Based on this selection process, the overwhelming majority of teams in North America were given their first or second choice of Semifinal.

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