Score Submission: Registered Judges

October 13, 2019

Open Workout 20.1 has been announced. Check out all the details hereScore submissions close Monday, Oct. 14, at 5 p.m. PT.

Affiliate manager registration and completion of the Judges Course will be good for the calendar year. This means: 

  • Affiliates that registered for the 2019 Open do not need to register as an affiliate again. Their affiliate registration is good for 2019 and 2020. 
  • Judges and affiliate managers who have already completed the 2019 Judges Course do not need to retake the course for the 2020 Open.

There are known cases where certain 2019 Registered Judges do not appear in the dropdown menu. These cases are under investigation.

In the meantime, the Judge's text box is an open text field. Athletes can type their judge’s name in there, and it will save it, allowing them to submit their score.

Affiliate Managers will be able to see and validate scores that have been submitted. 

Visit the Help Center and contact the Support Team if you are experiencing other issues. 



Photo taken by Nero Dusevicius at CrossFit Decennia

Photo taken by Nero Dusevicius at CrossFit Decennia