Team Event 7 Has Been Announced

August 3, 2019

Team Event 7 has been announced. The field will be cut to seven teams after this event. 

Big Chipper

For time, working in pairs:
50 cheese curd cleans
50 box jump-overs
50 team axle-bar deadlifts
50 synchro GHD sit-ups
12 burpee Snail jump-overs
30 synchro GHD sit-ups
30 team axle-bar deadlifts
30 box jump-overs
30 cheese curd cleans

♀70-lb. curd, 30-in. box
♂100-lb. curd, 36-in. box
♀♂ 715-lb. deadlift

Time cap: 25 minutes


• Teams will advance after 25 reps of each exercise on the way down and after 15 reps on the way back.

Invictus Boston
Invictus Boston during Team Ruck 


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