Since their inception in 2007, the Games have grown from a small throwdown at the historic Ranch in Aromas, California, to an international celebration of fitness where the CrossFit community comes together to witness the crowning of the Fittest on Earth and connect with other trainers, athletes, fans, and affiliate owners from around the world.

Over the years, the Games have transformed and moved on to arenas in Carson, California, and Madison, Wisconsin. But this year, the Games will return to Northern California. The 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games will take place in two stages: an online competition in Athletes’ home countries from which the top five men and top five women will advance to an in-person finals in California to crown the Fittest Man and Fittest Woman on Earth. A detailed schedule of the competition will be released at a later date. Learn more.


Event Safety

It is important to the CrossFit Games to protect athletes, staff, volunteers, and anyone else on site at our annual event. Safety protocols and procedures surrounding competition, along with  emergency action plans that cover all personnel and fans, have been part of the CrossFit Games since 2013. 

It is also important to us that we remain responsible citizens and minimize the impact we have on the communities we operate in and travel through. This includes minimizing the potential risk of transmitting infection as well as limiting the impact we have on local health-care resources. The CrossFit Medical Team plays an integral role in supporting the health- and safety-related protocols in place at the CrossFit Games.

The CrossFit Medical Team comprises an experienced group of medical professionals with a wide range of expertise. It operates in partnership with Drug Free Sport International, serving as both our COVID testing consultants and Drug Policy testing provider. Drug Free Sport International is also the official testing agency for the PGA, PBR, NBA, NFL, NASCAR, and many other professional sports currently hosting live events. 

For more information on the Medical Team’s response to COVID-19, visit the COVID-19 tab on this page.

Medical Team

The CrossFit Medical Team includes experienced physicians, orthopedic surgeons, nurses, paramedics, and EMTs. It has been responsible for safeguarding athletes, staff, and fans since 2008.

Before all events, live rehearsals and training drills are formally conducted with members of the CrossFit Games team and staff to anticipate and plan for different scenarios. Additionally, the Medical Team is equipped with trauma and medical equipment and testing commonly available to professional teams. 

Decontamination procedures are formally covered by our Medical Team. Such procedures include comprehensive standardized cleaning and disinfecting protocol to eliminate or minimize any exposure to blood, body fluids, or other potentially infectious material. These procedures have been in use by our team for many years and effectively mitigate contamination from most viruses, including COVID-19. 


CrossFit’s Security Team is responsible for any unforeseen emergency planning and response management. This team is staffed by highly-trained law enforcement professionals, SWAT team members, and military personnel.  

Emergencies that require security coordination due to site security, man-made hazard contingencies, structural or infrastructure failure, and natural events all fall within the purview of the Games team and are included in standard Games protocol. Security will support the Medical Team in safeguarding all fields of play and enforcing safety measures. 


The CrossFit Games competition operates under the guidance and supervision of the CrossFit Medical Team and in cooperation with local health authorities.

This year, the Medical Team, composed of medical professionals and public health experts, has been tasked with performing its typical function of providing a safe environment for competition but in unprecedented circumstances. In response to COVID-19, CrossFit’s Medical Team has developed a thorough and responsive safety protocol for the competition. 


  • All athletes will be screened and tested before traveling and upon arrival, before entering the competition bubble.
  • Interactions between those inside the bubble and the outside public will be restricted,
  • Experienced medical personnel will be on-site at all times, monitoring our protective measures and performing screening and procedures to safeguard the event. 


  • All staff will be screened and tested before traveling and upon arrival, before entering the competition bubble.
  • No volunteers will be utilized at this year’s Games. 


  • Spectators will not be permitted at the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games. Please respect the efforts of all participants by watching online. Unauthorized attendance will not be tolerated by security personnel. 

Fields of play 

  • All fields of play will be secured and regularly decontaminated. 
  • Medical professionals will closely monitor all competition facilities. 


  • The CrossFit Games team will adhere to all safety protocols and make every effort to help minimize the risk of transmission while limiting the impact we have on local health-care resources and testing facilities.

Testing Procedures

We will screen and test all people coming to the Games before they begin their travel to the event. Our travelers will be instructed and expected to use precautions (maintaining good hygiene, sanitation, and health practices) in accordance with current guidelines to protect themselves and those around them. This protects the Games, fellow travelers, the people who provide our travel services, and the communities we travel through to our destination at the Games.

Upon arrival at the Games, all attendees will be screened again and tested again. Any individuals with findings that indicate active infection will be isolated according to best practices.

Attendees will need negative screenings and must produce two negative test results for active infection before they are admitted to our screened and tested cohort (the “bubble”).

The Bubble 

Once participants are inside the bubble, we will carefully restrict interactions between our cohort and people we have not screened and tested. 

We will monitor people within the bubble for evidence of developing an infection. We will conform to best practices, including requiring masks, distancing, and hand and surface decontamination, to limit transmission within our cohort. This protects athletes, staff, and the communities we operate in.

On-Site Safety
Experienced medical teams will be on-site at all times. They will monitor our protective measures, perform ongoing screening, conduct additional testing as indicated, and provide care to anyone within the bubble who may need it. 

We will have protocols in place to safely allow anyone who requires medical care at local facilities to receive it in a manner that maximizes safety for the individual, the people within our bubble, staff at the local facilities we utilize, and the local community as a whole.

We will have measures in place to ensure the safe isolation of any of our people who are identified as likely to have COVID-19. These measures will extend beyond the duration of the Games.

How to Watch

Information on how to watch Stage 2 of the CrossFit Games will be available soon. The event will be streamed live online and on television. Stay tuned! 


See the scoring table below to learn about the 2020 scoring system. Each event has a point value assigned to it, and at the end of Stage 1, the top five men and top five women with the most points will advance to Aromas, where their slates will be wiped clean before the start of the in-person competition. 

Scoring System

2020 Scoring System


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