Custom Leaderboard - Regions and Scoring

February 26, 2019

State, territory, and even regional leaderboards are viewable through custom leaderboards in the Open. Each athlete has geographic information auto-assigned to their Games profile. This allows an athlete to build a leaderboard to see the fittest among female athletes in California or the fittest 30-year-old female athlete in California. Additionally, athletes can build a leaderboard that contains multiple states or countries to view the fittest in a region. Create as many competitions as you can imagine. Check out this tutorial.

In terms of scoring, the custom leaderboard treats Rx'd and scaled scores the same as the main Open leaderboard. For each workout, 1 rep Rx'd beats the highest score scaled. Athletes with Rx'd scores, scaled scores, or a combination of both can exist together on the same custom leaderboard. There is no filter to limit a custom leaderboard just to athletes who complete all five workouts scaled, but that is something that can be considered in the future if there is interest.