Top Teams Going to Regionals

April 24, 2018

The Team Leaderboard has been re-sorted and the top teams in the Open have been invited to compete at their respective regional. Teams will be invited to their regional in the following manner:
20 teams from the North East
10 teams from Canada East
15 teams from the Mid Atlantic
15 teams from the South East
15 teams from the Central East
15 teams from the North Central
15 teams from the South West
15 teams from the South Central
25 teams from the West Coast
5 teams from Canada West
10 teams from Central America
20 teams from South America
15 teams from Europe North
15 teams from Europe Central
15 teams from Europe South
15 teams from Middle East Africa
7 teams from Asia
23 teams from Australasia
Teams may select three (3) men and three (3) women for their regional roster. Only team members who meet all team eligibility requirements and who competed for that team during the Open are eligible for selection. Teenagers and Masters athletes are eligible to be members of the team at Regionals. Review the Rulebook at for more details.

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