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CrossFit Solid

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Just havin' a good time! Good people! Good box! "Work hard and be nice to people" 1st place Meridian Regionals 2015 5th place CrossFit Games 2015


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Video, Posted Sat, 07.25.15
On this segment of the CrossFit Games Update, host Sean Woodland, and analysts Pat Sherwood and Tommy Marquez break down the rest of the team competition. As we get closer to the big show at the...
Video, Posted Thu, 06.25.15
Solid Swedes smash final event to finish first.             Copenhagen, Denmark—Sometimes you have to do your buddy a solid, and six athletes from Sweden did just that in a final...
Article, Posted Sun, 05.31.15
Yas, please: United Arab Emirates team wants to go to the Games. Copenhagen, Denmark—“It’s time to start running!” Damon Killian yelled before firing...
Article, Posted Sat, 05.30.15
Abu Dhabi team CrossFit Yas goes two for two at Meridian Regional. Copenhagen, Denmark—It’s always been a league of nations at the Europe Regional, and...
Article, Posted Fri, 05.29.15
Briggs, Salo return to form after sitting out 2012 with knee injuries. View the full Day 1 gallery here.     Injured CrossFit Games champion Annie Thorisdottir stands at the railing as...
Article, Posted Fri, 05.17.13
As we approach the halfway mark that is 13.3, there is still everything to play for and more great battles to come.   Open Workout 13.2 was the subject of much debate in the CrossFit ...
Article, Posted Tue, 03.19.13
​Sarah Lindasdatter Troelsen Krarup and Ditte Jacobsen of Team Butcher's Garage weigh in on the upcoming team competition of the 2012 Europe Regional. The workouts require a lot of strength...
Article, Posted Wed, 05.23.12
Find out who's competing at the 2012 Europe Regional.   The North East, North West and Europe Regions will take on the brutal 2012 Regional Workouts May 25-27 for Week 5 of Regional...
Article, Posted Thu, 05.17.12
The top performers on 12.5? The women's leader, Annie T, and a man who was on the edge of the top 60.   Europe, we’re done. The 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open has officially come to a...
Article, Posted Mon, 03.26.12