June 17, 2022
2022 CrossFit Semifinals Press Conference

CrossFit held a post-Semifinals press conference following four consecutive weeks of in-person competition to determine CrossFit Games qualifiers for the 2022 season. 

General Manager of Sport Justin Bergh, CrossFit Competition Director Adrian Bozman, CrossFit Lowlands champion Lazar Dukic, CrossFit Atlas Games winner Brent Fikowski, and Fittest Woman in Ireland Emma McQuaid were in attendance to answer questions from the press. 

Hear from Bergh and Bozman on CrossFit’s efforts to improve the overall Games season for athletes and spectators, and hear from the athletes on their Semifinals experience. 

Time Stamps 

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0:00-1:20 - Introduction
1:20-4:25 - Justin Bergh’s Welcome and Goals for the Season
4:25-5:45 - Adrian Bozman’s Summary of Age-Group and Adaptive Semifinals, and Looking Ahead
5:45-12:00 - Accountability for Safety, Equipment, and Movement Standards for Athletes in Competition
12:00-16:10 - Takeaways To Improve the Sustainability of Semifinal Events 
16:10-18:30 - Athlete Drug Test Results
18:30-20:40 - Online and In-Person Judging
20:40-23:59 - Producing Livestreams & Increasing the Sustainability of Events
23:59-24:54 - Athlete Welcome & Introductions — Brent Fikowski, Emma McQuaid, Lazar Dukic
24:54-27:15 - Lazar Dukic’s Semifinals Win and Training With His Brother Luka
27:15-32:08 - Working Together To Provide a Great Athlete Semifinal Experience 
32:08-33:45 - Emma McQuaid — Growing Over the Years in CrossFit
33:45-35:31 - Lazar Dukic Reflects On His CrossFit Career
35:31-40:32 - Advice for First-Time Games Qualifiers From the Athletes
40:32-46:00 - Athletes’ Opinions on In-Person vs. Online Competitions
46:00-48:05 - Brent Fikowski Weighs in on Training Alone
48:05-48:52 - Last-Chance Qualifier Details
48:52-51:35 - Emma McQuaid’s Points Battle With Jacqueline Dahlstrom at Strength in Depth
51:35-51:47 - Outro and Final Thoughts