I am a masters athlete and owner of CrossFit Clan Performance Center. I’m a mother of three and try to be a good example of health and fitness to my children and the members I coach every day. I love competing because it pushes me to do things I never thought possible. It keeps me motivated and challenged. As a masters athlete, it shows those around me that you don't have to put an age limit on fitness. A little over a year ago, I had the biggest scare of my life and found myself in the ER awaiting heart (cardiac ablation) surgery for a heart condition I was born with (WPW Syndrome), that suddenly caused me to blackout. Long story short, the surgery was a success and I made a complete recovery. It was CrossFit and leading a healthy life that allowed me to quickly get back to being competitive again. I missed qualifying for the Games earlier this year by just a few spots, so I want to see how far I've come this (second) Open. I qualified and competed at the Games in 2015 in the masters division and have made it to the qualifiers every year since. So I would really love to qualify for the Games again. Whatever the outcome, given the year I’ve had, just competing in the Open and hopefully the qualifiers this year is an exciting achievement. Really looking forward to what’s ahead!

Year Division Rank Worldwide Rank by Region Rank By Country
2022 Women (50-54) 35th 1900th Europe 67th Ireland
2021 Women (50-54) 64th 2139th Europe 66th Ireland
2020 Women (50-54) 15th -- 38th Ireland
2019 Women (50-54) 47th -- 3461st United States
2018 Women (50-54) 23rd 590th North East 17th United States
2017 Women (45-49) 86th 461st North East 56th United States
2016 Women (45-49) 20th 237th North East --
2015 Women (45-49) 17th 319th North East --
2014 Women (45-49) 21st 213th North East --
2013 Women (45-49) 276th 860th North East --
Online Qualifier
Year Division Rank
2022 Women (50-54) 80th
2021 Women (50-54) 46th
Year Division Rank
2015 Masters Women (45-49) 16th
Benchmark Stats
  • Back Squat 250 lb
    Clean and Jerk 155 lb
    Snatch 113 lb
    Deadlift 315 lb
    Fight Gone Bad 357
    Max Pull-ups 46
  • Fran 2:50
    Grace 2:35
    Helen 8:27
    Filthy 50 20:27
    Sprint 400m 1:05
    Run 5k 20:00
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