Effort is a choice, winning is not. There will be times when your very best effort will earn you a victory and others where your very best effort will earn you last place. In either circumstance, don't be tied to the outcome. Instead, tie yourself to your effort, will, determination and sacrifice. Judge your performance based on the effort you gave in preparation and execution, and not on the outcome of placement.


Year Rank Worldwide Rank by Region Rank By Country Rank By Affiliate
2024 5573rd Men 1250th Men North America East 1723rd Men United States 6th Men Branford CrossFit
2023 4469th Men 1194th Men North America East 1673rd Men United States 3rd Men CrossFit North Haven
2022 3850th Men 1727th Men North America 1435th Men United States 3rd Men CrossFit North Haven
2021 2682nd Men 1299th Men North America 1093rd Men United States 2nd Men CrossFit North Haven
2020 2591st Men – – 1138th Men United States – –
2019 2416th Men – – 1089th Men United States – –
2018 9325th Men 687th Men North East 5377th Men United States – –
2017 4932nd Men 397th Men North East 2988th Men United States – –
2016 17112th Men 1411th Men North East – – – –
2015 56961st Men 4975th Men North East – – – –


Year Division Rank Regional
2017 Team 28th East

Benchmark Stats

  • Back Squat 320 lb
    Chad1000x --
    Clean and Jerk 265 lb
    Deadlift 395 lb
  • Fight Gone Bad --
    Filthy 50 --
    Fran 2:41
    Grace --
  • Helen --
    L1 Benchmark --
    Max Pull-ups 60
    Run 5k 19:30
  • Snatch 240 lb
    Sprint 400m --