I'm married with 3 kids and work behind a desk all day. I played college hockey and always enjoyed working out and competing in something that is physically demanding. It's healthy for your body and mind. I really enjoy working out and competing. Especially with my friends and the CF Chan community. In my mind that is what this is all about, competing with friends and against the clock and trying to improve yourself every day.


Year Rank Worldwide Rank by Region Rank By Country Rank By Affiliate
2024 85085th Men 5427th Men (45-49) 15152nd Men North America West 1334th Men (45-49) North America West 30370th Men United States 2578th Men (45-49) United States 5th Men OurHAUS CrossFit 1st Men (45-49) OurHAUS CrossFit
2022 73066th Men 8764th Men (40-44) 33269th Men North America 4664th Men (40-44) North America 28932nd Men United States 4116th Men (40-44) United States 7th Men CrossFit Chanhassen 4th Men (40-44) CrossFit Chanhassen
2018 27924th Men 1384th Men (40-44) 2244th Men North Central 96th Men (40-44) North Central 15400th Men United States 877th Men (40-44) United States – –
2017 27898th Men 3726th Men (35-39) 2186th Men North Central 301st Men (35-39) North Central 15924th Men United States 2315th Men (35-39) United States – –
2016 17813th Men 1488th Men North Central – – – –
2015 17912th Men 1478th Men North Central – – – –
2014 21410th Men 1831st Men North Central – – – –